Three Were Enough


We stepped outside yesterday morning to visit the flowers.  My son was snuggled in bed reading so it was just she and I.  And the pup.  The air was heavy, humid.  The grass, freshly mown the day before, was wet with dew and clung to our flip-flopped feet.

I wanted to make photographs, but I took three and the lens fogged up (crazy humidity and darn it).  I immediately felt the urge to go back in the house and get to the next thing on my mental list, but my daughter suggested the swings. Okay, I said.  Though to urge to get to the next thing was so strong…the urge to do versus allowing myself simply to be. It was not quite 7:30. There was plenty of time for the laundry and grocery shopping and phone calls and other.

Thank goodness for my daughter who understands that there’s almost always time for swinging (she’s very wise). Thank goodness for the humid air fogging my lens (the three photographs were enough).  Thank goodness for little gifts like these on a July morning (they remind me of what I need to remember).

Sending a little love your way, m


***Before I leave, I want to let you know about a wonderful offering for the month of August.  My friend Jessica is crafting something beautiful, something that will invite us to slow down and savor the month of August.  It’s called Summer Slowdown and here, in Jessica’s words, is what it’s all about:

Summer Slowdown is free and open to everyone and will take place during the month of August, when we could all use a little reminder to slow down, reflect and really enjoy the final days of Summer. The way it works is everyday throughout the month of August participants will receive a daily email with short stories, reflections and quiet truths meant to help them slow down and come back to the present moment. Each day will feature a short meditative reflection from me followed by a practice or exercise from various contributors. And that’s all it would be – simple and easy with no outside pressure or expectations.

550Summer Slowdown 1-01You can read more about this offering (and sign up) by clicking here. And I’m pretty pleased to tell you that I’ll be sharing on one of these delicious slowdown August days.  I hope to see you there.  xo

16 thoughts on “Three Were Enough

  1. Your blog is such a lovely site to visit, Michelle. I am so glad you just followed your daughter’s lead, I miss those days!

    1. Thank you, Grace…for your kind words as well as for being here.
      As for these days…they go quickly, don’t they? I’m trying really hard to be present as much as possible.

  2. And you made some wonderful memories with your girl :)
    I am so over the humidity, it was 115 here yesterday and this afternoon we have been having terrible thunderstorms which just keep the cycle going.
    I signed up for the summer slowdown, it is needed.

    1. 115?! Eegads. I can’t quite imagine! Hoping some cooler weather (and less humidity!) finds it way to you.
      And hooray for Summer Slowdown…so glad you’ll be joining in. xo

  3. I love how you went without the camera and just enjoyed your daughter. We are gearing up for a full weekend of wedding stuff!! Monday will be the beginning of less stress and I for one cannot wait :)

  4. Oh do I know that feeling of wanting to get back to the “to do” list! So good of you to let go and just be with your little one. xo

    1. The tug of those lists is strong!!!
      I’m not always successful in this regard, but some days…oh, those wonderful days…I’m able to let go. {a work in progress}

  5. Yes, your daughter is very wise! I am glad you had this lovely time, Michelle. I am enjoying summer, I have lots of days at home over the coming weeks and a seaside holiday to look forward too. Enjoy your summer xx


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