630 again

We took a long weekend and went to the beach.  And I assumed I’d be showing you a more beach-y picture.  But, really, this is one of my favorites.  I’m not one for boardwalks, but the beach to which we went isn’t too big and so its boardwalk (especially at the north end, where we were) is tame and fairly quiet.  You know, people out strolling and eating ice cream cones.

I think part of the reason I like this image so well (besides the soft blur of the lights) (because I love a good, soft blur) is that it reminds me of the evening I took it.  We’d returned from dinner (and ice cream cones) and my daughter asked if we could take a walk on the beach before bed.  Of course.

There were others walking on the beach in the fading light (but not too many).  We looked for shells and mostly walked in silence.  The four of us.  Together, but also slightly in our own worlds.  It was a beautiful night.

As we left the beach and crossed the boardwalk, my husband and kids walked ahead of me; I paused to make this shot. And so I suppose it marks something for me.  The end of a great beach day with my family, yes.  But it also marks the softness I felt that evening. The softness of the sand, the softness of the gentle waves breaking at my feet.  The softness felt for my husband and my quickly-growing kids.  Also, the softness felt for myself as I walked the beach that evening with thoughts rolling around my brain; the softness felt as I let those thoughts wash over me like the sea washing over my feet.

So this is the photo I want to share with you today.  The one that tells a story of softness.  And I know it’s easy to feel softness when walking along a beach in the gentle, fading light.  But if I can catch myself in the midst of the softness – if I can recall that feeling – maybe I can carry it with me through the rough and ragged parts too.  Yes, that’s the trick…to carry it, to keep it close.  I’m going to try.  You with me?

Sending a little love your way, m


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20 thoughts on “Softness

  1. I have finally had a chance to stop by here… And yes I love and see why you love this shot. You’ve captured that moment of softness and now you have A reference point back during the rough patches… Prefect! Yes, to carrying it through, that’s the lesson. Thank you. xox

  2. to be honest, i despise the beach in the middle of the day… the hot sun, cranky hungry kids… it’s the moments in the morning and evening where things are softer, as you say, and not so harsh that move me most… when we sigh in gratitude and contentment for what is… right at that very moment. i get this and love this image for what it represents.

    1. Beth, I know what you mean! As I’ve gotten older, it’s the earlier and later parts of the day that I enjoy on the beach most. The middle part…well, it’s just too much for me. Those sighs of gratitude and contentment definitely come in the quieter parts. Oh yes.

  3. Michelle, I love your writer’s voice. It is divine. Receiving your newsletter is like receiving a little soul-nurturing gift. Thank you! xx

  4. That end of a summer day light and lingering in it and feels of summer. I’m with you on keeping that close.

  5. I love the beach and this year I will not be seeing it (that I know of…). I find peace in the waves, sea salt air and the hum of others vacationing wish us though strangers.

    1. I rather like that bit too, Karen…about others vacationing with us, even though strangers.
      I actually thought about that this past weekend. It was kind of wonderful knowing everyone was taking that time to relax and play and enjoy…
      Good stuff. For everyone.

  6. I love this. The photograph, the words, the feeling that it evokes. Some of my very favorite moments are walking on the beach with my family at the end of the day when there is that softness in the air. <3

  7. Hi Michelle, I went to the beach last week as well, and interesting seeing your photo, not of the beach, but something that expresses your moment. The same happened with me, looking at my photos I realized I don’t have many of the beach, ocean, but I have lots of the clouds, instead looking down at the sand, water, I was all the time looking up at the sky, the clouds. I was admiring the softness (like you), maybe the transformation, the movement and the simplicity of the clouds, these are all things I need. Have a great day and thanks for the lovely post.

    1. So nice to know you were at the beach too, Elizabeth!
      I love that you noticed a pattern in your shots…how you found yourself looking up…and how you’re understanding that perspective (through your lens) as a reflection of you right now. That’s awesome.


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