A Mini Meadow


Well, you knew there’d be more flowers around here, didn’t you?

The garden is a beautiful mess.  And I do mean mess.  It’s a tad thick but I can’t bear to thin anything out. Things are looking full and generally healthy (and generally beautiful) so I’m leaving the garden as is. I’m thinking of it as a mini meadow (very mini in size…but very meadow in feeling).  Next year, a little taming may be in order, but last year and this have been wonderful for loosening my ideas of what I think a garden is supposed to look like and be; I’ve allowed myself to play a little and decide what I want.

Flowers, for sure.  But maybe nothing else.  Perhaps my next step will be to grow a few tomato plants in containers on the back patio. Because I do love fresh tomatoes.  But something about having to go out to the garden to tend, to pull the weeds…gosh the weeds just about kill me.  I envy those of you who keep gardens.  In theory, it sounds awesome to me. But I just can’t swing it right now.  It stresses me out.  And who needs that?

But the flowers.  Ah, the flowers.  I get a little thrill every time I look out the kitchen window and see the pops of color. I’m behind on collecting tomatoes (must.get.out.there) (see how awesome it would be to step onto the back patio and pluck?) (and if you knew how many more steps it was from my patio to garden, you would laugh at me) (it’s not many). I’m still waiting for a jalapeno.  The onions are hidden in a bed of…something. But the cosmos.  The zinnia. The four o’clocks.  They satisfy.  They do not disappoint.  They are exactly what I want.

Sending a little love your way, m

6 thoughts on “A Mini Meadow

  1. I like the idea of a “mini meadow” too, and the idea of loosening up the definition of what it means to have a garden, to “keep” a garden. We have a garden in the front that I love to go out in in the early morning and take a short stroll. The back yard’s garden, however, eek! I meant to get to it this year, but I’m not going to, and it’s okay. For the vegetable garden, I scrapped the veggies, and planted all herbs- fun and easy, peasy. Here’s to enjoying the rest of this slow, delicious month. XO

  2. I like the sound of your mini meadow very much, Michelle. Nice to see you here and so glad you are enjoying your space this summer. We have lots of random wildflowers this year, but they seem to be getting along together so that’s fine ; )

  3. we did not do a vegetable garden because of the wedding, we are relying on volunteer plants to produce (lots of tomatoes). However we did manage to plant a few more perennials to brighten our views. I love your mini meadow and the joy it brings to you :)

    1. ah, karen, you are a smart woman to set things aside this year due to the (exciting!) wedding. and it’s wonderful that you planted extra perennials to brighten your views…so clever and thoughtful and good planning (all those things benefited your view and your daughter’s wedding, no doubt!)


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