:: Noticing the Moments ::

Taking some time to reflect upon my week…


:: playing with my Polaroid camera…so hard not to get overly precious with the (expensive) film…but I did it (was not precious) and I burned through two packs, snap (played with digital too) (obviously)

:: I read this book (it was really good)

::  the stinkbugs are bothering my tomatoes (and me)…grrrrrr


:: swimming with friends…enjoying the evidence of that happy afternoon

:: baking cookies…because just about every day is a good day for cookies

:: waiting on precarious news, and on the brink of worry (for a friend)…and then the happy release in knowing things are okay


::  my daughter has been growing her hair out…our only stipulation was that she pull it back and keep it tidy in the meantime (this process has necessitated countless reminders) (sigh)…all of a sudden, she pulls it back (sans reminders) (happy dance)

:: blueberry peach cobbler for breakfast…for one…because

:: the first sunflower making her appearance…slowly (I’m waiting patiently)


How was your week?  Tell me (pretty please).  I always love to hear…

Sending a little love your way, m



11 thoughts on “:: Noticing the Moments ::

  1. My week was full moments spent with Liam, my new and first grandson. The magic in his eyes, the pureness of his sweet breath, the wonder of it all…the way he talks to me. We have already developed our very own language. I am in Heaven when he is in my arms. { and I can not wait to meet your long haired daughter someday !! }

  2. we made cookies too. and collected blackberries and made blackberry jelly that we will eat with pancakes soon. caught fish for dinner and went to the beach. life is good xo

  3. hope your friend is well and growing her hair out?? now that is fun, and tidy pulled back hair means less knots of course. Hope she likes it :) Have a great weekend Michelle!!

    1. All is well (thank you).
      As for the hair growing out…it’s been a year+ at this point. Ack! The worst of it (the bangs) were a constant struggle. It seems now that it’s long enough to actually wear without pulling it back…now…now!…is when she actually pulls it back. Such is life, I suppose ;)
      Happy weekend to you too, Karen!


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