Ten Things


Ten things, right now…

1.   Kathleen Edwards on Pandora
2.   Iced peppermint tea
3.   Tank top, cuffed jeans, bare feet
4.   Loose and relaxed muscles…I just did a little yoga
5.   Sunshine out the window…though we were expecting rain
6.   My daughter crunching on a Pink Lady apple
7.   Yellowing leaves on the birches out back (fall?  soonish?  yippee!)
8.   Contentment…today’s been good
9.   Papers on my desk…work in progress
10. Thinking about the dinner I’ll cook in a bit…cod, rice and beans

Hoping your right now is exactly what you need it to be.

Sending a little love your way, m




2 thoughts on “Ten Things

  1. I find that I almost always, find & read your latest post at the perfect time. Thank you, my friend :) Sending love right back at you :)


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