On Children Growing Fast and It Being Okay


She made homemade waffles and they jumped into their day.  Dipping toes gently into a new year of homeschool studies.  She was pleased.

And then, the afternoon was upon them.  They drove to the public high school down the street and she dropped her fourteen year old son baby off for a Physics class. She watched him walk among the sea of teenagers. He was like a little fish wiggling his way towards Room 202.  She felt…well, she wasn’t quite sure what she felt.

She drove back home and plopped herself on the floor with her ten year old daughter other baby and they colored and chatted.  She enjoyed the calm with her daughter but kept thinking about her son.  She knew he’d been nervous.

After a short while, she and her daughter hopped back in the car to pick up her son. He walked up to the car alongside a soccer buddy, backpack on his back, shy smile on his face when asked how it went.  It went fine.  It was okay.

She knows that this is one of those things that isn’t a big deal.  She also knows this is one of those things that is a very big deal.  She knows moving into the high school years is a major transition.  She knows college is around the bend.

And she wonders how and when did this happen?

But here they are.  New days and new experiences for her, for her babies. Who aren’t really babies.  But, of course, they are. They’ll always be her babies.

And it’s fine.  It’s okay.  Okay is a fine place to be.


Sending a little love your way, m

***For those of you curious, we homeschool.  In our county, homeschool students are invited to take one or two classes at their local middle school or high school.  This is the first year we’re trying this option.

And I almost forgot to mention that registration for a new run of Just Five Things is now open.  And I’m more than a wee bit excited.  This class is accessible and fun.  And soulful.  Will you join us?  Click here for details and registration.



9 thoughts on “On Children Growing Fast and It Being Okay

  1. Michelle, this is beautiful. It’s so hard to let go, but bit by bit we do, don’t we? Yes, they are always our babies…my baby turns 16 in a few months…that takes my breath almost. Sending a big hug your way xx

  2. Lovely. I try and just be present and enjoy every moment, as you do. I think any other way is going against the grain of how life is, and that creates pain. Even when life is good, it still can feel “hard” because there is this movement that we can not stop– it is out of our control. Little ones get bigger. And bigger. And we get older. It’s beautiful when we let it be what it is. right? xoxoxo

  3. It is a puzzle, watching them grow up and wanting to hold on. But these days of being together are setting the stage for new connections as they grow. Lovely reflections.

  4. oh, michelle… these years are the strangest, most wonderful and perplexing years yet. i love who my children are becoming, while simultaneously feeling like i’m running out of time to make sure they are prepared for life… have we had the right conversations… will they still come to me when they need to work through something… my oldest turns 15 tomorrow… oh, my heart. xoxo

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