A List of What I’m Feeling


Sometimes I don’t know what to write.  I just know that I want to write.  Often I stumble through some loose stream-of-consciousness writing. Though there are days when the thought of getting all that on paper exhausts me…before I even start.

And so I turn to lists.  Because they’re immediate and they satisfy in a way that pages of longhand never can.  Concise.  To the point.  Right to the heart. No mess and no fanfare.  And yet…showing up.  Because we have got to show up.

Next week I’m running Just Five Things again.  And I can’t wait.  Because I love lists. Writing without censure. Welcoming the words that come.  Today, I share a list with you.  Because I’m unsure what to write.  I just know that I want (need) to write.

Five Things I Feel Right Now
1.  Guilt.  My daughter requested I make Irish soda bread and I have a very small window of time at present.  Do I make the bread or do I sit and write?  I choose to write.  And I know it’s the best choice (that I’m the best choice right now), but the guilt still.creeps.in.
2.  The warm sunshine falling onto my desk.  Warm.  Comforting.
3.  Contentment.  The kids are in classes right now.  Learning.  I have an hour to myself.  I am also learning (to sometimes choose me).
4.  The rush of cold air on my flip-flopped feet as the air conditioning kicks on.
5.  Excitement.  I’m not sure about what exactly.  But I feel it.  I welcome it.
Bring it, I say.

So, tell me, if you please…what are you feeling right now?

Sending a little love your way, m

Registration for Just Five Things is open through the end of this week.  10 days of creative list making.  10 days to enjoy a playful writing practice.  10 days to explore and enjoy community.  Click here for details and registration. We begin Monday. Join us as we get it down.  Without censure.



10 thoughts on “A List of What I’m Feeling

  1. you know lists are a love language of mine… feeling: the breeze from the ceiling fan above my head, gratitude for an unexpected gift, frustration with my son’s emotions ~ which i just remembered don’t have to be mine, and a longing to figure out what’s next. xo

  2. Hi Michelle-the guilt we feel as mothers can be so overwhelming. As a mom and an outsider you’ve actually taught your daughter a very valuable lesson. The art of hearing no with grace. She’ll hear a lot of nos by the sheer token of being a woman. When it comes to say no to my kids-if it was something I could later-I would tell them id be happy to do it at “such and such” when I have more time. It’s not always what they want to hear either-but I felt better! Lord knows we carry enough guilt for a lifetime! It’s all good. Xo

  3. Sometimes it is just enough to write what we are feeling. Don’t feel guilty, sometimes we are allowed to choose what WE need, there will be plenty of other times when you will choose to make bread. Right now I am feeling happy and content, my working week is over and we have a new dog who is bringing us all so much joy. Take care Michelle xx

  4. I’m glad to read you are taking time for yourself, it’s important. I’m sorry about the mama guilt, I think it comes with the job, but maybe your daughter to bake it herself?
    I am so not a writer, but I am an excellent list maker. :)

  5. 1. tenderness and annoyance of a wound healing on my back. so hard for me to be still
    2. sipping wine on a rainy afternoon feels so cozy and comforting
    3. stitching up some goodness for a Purple Art Party
    4. Shrimp Tacos
    5. Nag Champa


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