Gratitude {feeling} and {getting ready}


For the sunshine.  And the drizzle yesterday morning.
For the hug I got.  After a conversation that brought tears.
For my friend.  And the cookies she bakes and shares.
For camera, pen, paper.  And the way they help me see this world.
For people.  Who sometimes perplex but mostly inspire me.
For a roof over our heads.  For food on the table.
For typing these words on my laptop.  For connecting with you.
For flowers.  Always for flowers.

I write this in honor of Gratitude Week 2015 (November 9-15) which is just a few weeks away.  A week of sharing gratitudes in community.  Right here.  Or at home. Or on Instagram.  I’ll be sending out gratitude love notes that week. You can sign up to receive those notes (in your inbox) (daily) (from me to you) by clicking here.  You can also read full details there.  I hope you’ll join me.  I really, really do.  (did I mention that it’s free?) (it is)

Sending a little love your way, m



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