Open (the book) (the window) (the heart)


While driving yesterday, I was having a conversation with my son about the importance of literature, the importance of reading it and (not always) analyzing it and gathering the kernels and ideas and inspirations.  And then…the dreaded (for him) written expression of that.  While he enjoys the reading, he dislikes (a lot) the writing part; and I get it.  Well, truthfully, I don’t entirely get his fierce resistance, because I have a certain romance with words and getting them down.  I do get, however, that he’s an individual, separate from me. That I get.  Entirely.

The point I wanted to make in the end was that he keep an open mind about the whole process.  That he attend to this book and the next with a willingness to be inspired (or sometimes not), a willingness to find something new, a willingness to ask – and perhaps answer – questions.

A willingness.

Be willing, I implored.  Not to blindly like everything.  But to openly receive and explore…ideas and facts and stories and histories…and life.  Be willing. Be open.

If there’s anything we must be, I think it’s to be open.  Again, not blindly; there is certainly intention in choosing when and where and how we open our hearts.  But it must be done.  From time to time.  And (I think) (I believe) as often as possible.

His protestations lessened, and he grew quiet.  The conversation ended as he stepped out of the car and walked to his Physics class.  We’ll see where the conversation takes us over the next few days years (goodness, this parenting-and-instilling-values thing is a humdinger).

As I pulled out of the parking lot, the pup climbed into the front seat and I rolled the window down for her.  She leaned out a bit and the wind blew her ears back.  That window…open.

And I thought yes.  Yes, that’s it.


Sending a little love your way, m

P.S.  Gratitude Week?  Yes indeed.  Click here for details!



6 thoughts on “Open (the book) (the window) (the heart)

  1. open reminds me of curious… i keep reading about this word in regard to ourselves (curious about that emotion, that feeling), curious about those around us (enough to hear their story and learn about them) and curious in regard to learning any kind of content… i hope that my children understand that curiosity is something that can propel them throughout their lives… it will make them lifelong learners if they can see it’s value. i hope i am modeling that for them to see. xo

  2. OPEN was my one little words a few years ago and I find myself needing to return to this idea of opening my heart and mind. So hard to parent by not saying that thing we believe to be the answer.

  3. I love how you speak about being open but not blindly. I think all to often, the focus becomes on being open but it is important to do it in a thoughtful present way. It can have harmful results for things to come in the future if acted upon in blindness, things that are not always readily apparent initially. You are a wise mom… And such an example and inspiration. Oh yes, instilling values {the fine print part of the motherhood contract}. This mothering gig is no joke but should you ever have any doubts let me tell you, that from where I sit, you are doing an incredible job. xox

  4. I love to read about mom stories, that I can for sure relate to. I also totally loved your two articles and images in Issue No. 5 of Bella Grace. Twice!! You are such a gifted writer/story teller and your images go so well. I personally really enjoyed the one about taking steps.


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