A Quiet Little Love Letter

656loveDear You,

All I want to say today (right now) is to remember love.

I’ve got people and things that occupy my mind.heart.time (as do you), but I often think about everyone else out there.  So many, in such need.  And then my stuff.questions.things feel frivolous.  Yes, a little bit.

And yet, on those days when my heart aches for everyone out there, I know that my job is still to tend my life right here.  If I can grow love in my corner of the world and if you can grow love in your corner of the world – do you see how we might fill the space of this world?

So send money to Red Cross, work the soup kitchen.  Yes, do that.
Also…love the ones you’re with (including you).

Be where you are.  Cultivate love where you are.
Without judgment.  And with great abandon.
Love.  As a verb.  As a noun.  In every way you can.

You and me and we.
Can you imagine?

Sending a little love your way, m


P.S.  Gratitude Week begins on Monday!  Read about it and sign up for (free!) short gratitude love notes by clicking here.

P.S. Also!  Registration is now open for the next round of Just Five Things. Details right here.



9 thoughts on “A Quiet Little Love Letter

  1. Oh M,

    I love your words on love…as a noun and as a verb. Thank you for you. The warmth and light you put in the world (both out there and right here) are already making a beautiful difference. You are a sweet soul, my friend.



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