Gratitude Week 2015 :: Monday

One special week of focusing on daily gratitudes…with you.

656mondayFor the warm mug cupped in my hands and for the hot drink inside.
For the sweater, worn and old and a keeper of winter tales.
For the sound of my children laughing in the next room.
For the smell of coffee cake. Yes please, more coffee cake.
For the weight of certain things which help me to remember.


Sending a little love your way, m

Pick your favorite way(s) to play along:
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Leave a comment below, sharing your gratitudes.
Write a gratitude post and share a link to your blog post below.  We can visit you!!!
Send me an email…I love them, I read them, I respond to them all.
Reflect privately at home.


25 thoughts on “Gratitude Week 2015 :: Monday

  1. For once again being part of this magical circle…I’m so thankful, Michelle! I’ll be posting mine on Instagram this week! xx

  2. I appreciate Emma’s phrase of a “prickly blanket”. My morning felt a little prickly and I’m grateful for this email to remind to notice…the whir of the furnace and warm air that seems effortless, the washer and dryer that make extra laundry not really that bad. I am truly grateful for appliances! And for the naughty kitten that creates extra laundry because the joy he brings far outweighs the extra chore.

    1. yes, it’s a good phrase, isn’t it?!
      i’m so appreciative of the appliances too…definitely.
      and i’m smiling thinking about your sweet and naughty kitten who brings you joy :)

  3. Grateful for this… Oh yes. Some days in truth gratitude is easier to find and I admit this morning I had to dig deep… Sorry but it’s true. I had a prickly blanket over me and it was unforgiving for a while… Just life. But now at then end of today I’m grateful for taking almost enough deep breaths, for making myself listen and to “hear” truly. I’m grateful for opportunity… For time and me x

    1. emma…so true that it’s easier to find the gratitude on some days, and not others…no apologies needed…that’s just life!
      good for you, digging deep. almost deep enough breaths are good enough on some days.
      so good to have you here. xx

  4. There’s kitchen sunlight, the contentment of being here, now…holding creamy coffee… Out the window over the sink the peach tree’s lingering leaves are all amber with crimson edges and the older-than-I-am persimmon tree is ornamented with bright fruit…

  5. That last line has me thinking: the weight of certain things…that’s powerful.
    Thank you for doing this each year. I try to be conscious everyday of things I’m thankful for, but ‘gratitude week’ really helps me focus and I wake up happier. Truly. And it’s a starting and ending point each day. Many thanks to you, Michelle. X

  6. I am grateful for:
    A Season Of Peace candle lit early this morning.
    A warm cup of coffee in my mug.
    The sun shining this morning.
    A day off of work.
    The introvert loves being home alone.
    Bing Crosby Holiday on my Pandora.
    Instagram beauty
    You and this space.

    1. ah, janet! what a lovely list. a season of peace candle sounds so very nice!
      and, you know what? i’ve got christmas music on pandora too!!!
      thank you for being here.

  7. I am grateful to you, michelle, and for this space that you have created for all of us to come as we are and examine the ho hums of our lives and see all the gold that inhabits them.
    I am grateful for the sounds of my children sleeping, the deep breaths, the linger between drawing in and releasing breath.
    I am grateful for the orange tiger cat on my writing desk (and that he is resisting the temptation to play with the knitting that also shares his space…for now).
    I am grateful for the minutes of quiet that I have left to my own use this morning, to assemble my thoughts and make my lists, and then to close the page on all of the “To Do’s” and to pray while I walk the dogs in the rain.

    1. oh, rosaria. to come as we are…yes, exactly that…and to see the gold…yesyesyes.
      feeling the wonderful quiet of your morning…the cozy and intention and fullness of it.


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