Gratitude Week 2015 :: Tuesday

One special week of focusing on daily gratitudes…with you.

For flannel sheets.  For the anticipation of that first night, each year, when I snuggle in (last night!).  For the weather that necessitates the use of flannel.
For the quiet light in the house these days as I prepare dinner, a marker that autumn has surely arrived.
For music. For silence. For the way they both make me feel.
For my children who astound me, on so many levels.
For the trees which release their leaves with grace.

Sending a little love your way, m

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26 thoughts on “Gratitude Week 2015 :: Tuesday

  1. I am one day behind but Tuesday I was thankful for:
    A slow paced day at work
    A cup of coffee and a Hershey’s Nugget(or two or three)
    A dinner made from leftovers
    A quiet evening with my husband
    twinkle lights
    My DoTerra order arriving

  2. For the abundance of choices I notice when opening the tea cupboard,
    for the unexpected bumping into a friend at the grocery store,
    for a nose rub with my youngest,
    for having everyone home tonight.

  3. I love that you said the music then the silence!! My daughter plays beautifully but boy oh boy does she bang the keys and she loves violent (to me) classical music. My son plays soothing music but over and over and over and over. Now I have silence…and it’s kind of sad. But if they were here and playing….well. I love your gratitude.

  4. Yes to soft sheets and warm beds… And tea and the feeling of being content. Today right now, sitting on the train on platform 9 about to leave for home I’m grateful for…
    A seat on the train
    A cheese and chutney roll hand made from a great cheese shop which will taste divine… I know this.
    My job! Having just lost my director today there’s a bleak feeling to this day.
    My daughter who’ll be waiting up for me to get in to read her a page or two before sleep…
    And this train which I hope, hope, hope runs on time to get me back.
    And also for days that make you realise that it’s really truly the small things that matter X

    1. i’m hoping your train ran on time and that you enjoyed the delicious-sound cheese and chutney roll as well as a bit of reading with your daughter. yes to the small things.
      what a beautiful list, emma…

      1. Thank you Michelle and it did run pretty much on time and we read 6 pages of Harry Potter together (little writing & it was 9.00 o’clock :) Also at the end of that day I had a huge (but slightly guilty feeling.) of gratitude for having been me that day but getting home and that cup of tea in my pjs..!!!! My God I was grateful :) xx

  5. So thankful that when my head and chest cold descended upon me yesterday, my homeschool mom friend made me some Paleo Chicken Zoodle Soup, just because she could.

    1. rosaria, i’m so glad you have a good friend to make you soup. just because she could…we all need a friend like that.
      wishing you a short-lived cold. feel better! xo

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