Gratitude Week 2015 :: Wednesday

One special week of focusing on daily gratitudes…with you.

For my husband’s job which puts food on the table and allows me to be home with our children.  Every day I feel this, know this.
For the farmers who grow our food.
For the fields of crops and cows and horses which are so close to our home.
For the earth and the sky and the wind and the rain and everything in between.
For the knowing that each of us on this earth is connected.  Indeed.

Sending a little love your way, m

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14 thoughts on “Gratitude Week 2015 :: Wednesday

  1. Yes to each of us on earth being connected.
    I’m grateful for the sound of the ocean when it’s too dark to see it, the reminder of vastness.

    1. thank you, elizabeth…i’m so glad you and jane feel that way about my photo, so glad that’s what came across. and yes, i’m very, very lucky to be home with my kiddos.
      now, i’m off to read about you and yours…!

  2. I’m grateful that it is safe to be weak and (just a tad) sick. Grateful that I can move slowly, take my time, not do as much as my “to do” list commands. Grateful for the safety of home. Grateful that it is dark and that winter is encroaching.


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