Gratitude Week 2015 :: Thursday

One special week of focusing on daily gratitudes…with you.

For the freedom (the luxury) to be with my children each day.
For the laundry, which necessitates standing in one spot and doing just one thing.
For the car which takes us to appointments and classes and friends.
For long, hot showers which offer me mini retreats in my days.
For the comfort which comes with predictable schedules and the joy which comes when I open to spontaneity.

Sending a little love your way, m


Pick your favorite way(s) to play along:

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Leave a comment below, sharing your gratitudes.
If you have a blog, write a gratitude post and share a link to that post below.  Then we can visit you!!!
Send me an email…I love them, I read them, I respond to them all.
Reflect privately at home.


17 thoughts on “Gratitude Week 2015 :: Thursday

  1. Thursday Lovelies:
    Waking up at 7am
    Productive day at work
    Husband blessed me with flowers
    A night out to dinner(I like to be home so we don’t leave much!!)
    New candles to burn
    A good discount for those candles thanks to a person I knew from my old job
    Heavy rain against my windows

  2. For waking up rested
    For bright sun peaking through dark clouds
    For everyone in the bed this morning
    For a quiet chest
    FOr looking forward to the day

  3. Getting back to my own personal daily Gratitude Journal….it does work.
    My childhood friend who I will see this weekend.
    A good book….always a good book….. but this one in particular reminded me that it’s almost time to get my knitting needles and yarn out of hibernation, get the girls together and start knitting. So very relaxing :).

  4. Grateful–always–for dark quiet mornings, for a hot mug of coffee, and for the sleep sounds of my family. Grateful also for the book in my hands and the practice of waking up listening.

      1. Today and right now…. Gratitude for smiling faces in the street :)
        For coffee and toast at the table early this morning with L & R …and greengage jam.
        For truth.
        For a seat on the train again and the book and mini bag of sweets in my bag :)
        X to you…

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