Gratitude Week 2015 :: Saturday

One special week of focusing on daily gratitudes…with you.

For twinkle lights, all year long.
For spider webs and the light that dances through them.
For long walks with falling leaves and growing children.
For weekends.
For today and the chance to move through it with some amount of grace.

Adding a special note for Paris.  My heart is heavy.  I send love and light to the people of Paris (to everyone in the world) and I hold dear who and what is in my life. Go gently today.

Sending a little love your way, m


Pick your favorite way(s) to play along:

Share your gratitudes with #GratitudeWeek_2015 on Instagram.
Leave a comment below, sharing your gratitudes.
If you have a blog, write a gratitude post and share a link to that post below.  Then we can visit you!!!
Send me an email…I love them, I read them, I respond to them all.
Reflect privately at home.



15 thoughts on “Gratitude Week 2015 :: Saturday

  1. For the blessing of a 24 hour excursion to Chicago where our family can reunite with dear friends. For timely planes and sweet airport reunions! For children who sleep soundly in sleeping bags.


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