Gratitude Week 2015 :: Sunday

One special week of practicing daily gratitudes…with you.

For the birch trees out back and the way they move in the breeze.
For Nature and the way she makes me gasp time and time again.
For our pup and the way she loves.
For second (and third) cups of tea and/or coffee.
For the people in my life who help shape who I am.

For you…thank you for being here with me and us.

Sending a little love your way, m


Pick your favorite way(s) to play along:

Share your gratitudes with #GratitudeWeek_2015 on Instagram.
Leave a comment below, sharing your gratitudes.
If you have a blog, write a gratitude post and share a link to that post below.  Then we can visit you!!!
Send me an email…I love them, I read them, I respond to them all.
Reflect privately at home.


25 thoughts on “Gratitude Week 2015 :: Sunday

  1. Thank you for a wonderful week of gratitude. Gratitude is something I would like to have in each moment of my day…which may never happen…but your week has helped me keep gratitude in my mind more often. :)

  2. A very good week to feel you with me Michelle.. Which I do. Thank you for reminding me that there’s always a balance and a yin to the yang. I’m in the best place ever in my heart having patched, healed grown and mended and you never fail to assist in helping me see how happy I am in this moment however tiny <3 xxxx love to you!

    1. kelly, i left you a message on IG…blogger wasn’t allowing me to comment :(
      your post is beautiful. thank you for joining in Gratitude Week…it’s been so nice having you join in. xo

  3. What a wonderful week it has been! I’m going to continue on in my gratitude journal. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and lovely thoughts.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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