I had a post typed up and I deleted it.  It didn’t feel right.  What is right anyway?  I suppose it’s whatever is.  At this very moment.

And so…I write to you about the grey sky.  And the bare branches leaning against that sky.  How a few leaves still cling to the branches…though not in desperation. No, these last leaves look comfortable.  Knowing.  They’ll drop when they’re ready.

And there is tea.  More and more tea these days as the temperatures drop and my body follows the quiet suit of nature.  There’s music playing.  And a pup sleeping.

My desk is cluttered.  I wear a favorite, worn sweater.  My heart is full and content. There are stressors, certainly.  But mostly it’s me and the sky and the branches and the tea and the sweater and the music and the (full) heart.

And this moment just feels right.


What feels right for you?

Sending a little love your way, m


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6 thoughts on “Right

  1. Your words are soothing and beautiful.

    I sit here reading, listening, sipping and pondering the day. The tree and twinkle lights are on. The lights make this girl so happy. It was dark when I awoke but the sun is beginning to shine and in my home all feels right. The world in this space does not exist. I will soon start my day and off to work I will go. I will return and the lights will turn on again as I sip my tea in the late afternoon sun. My introvert mind will return to the wonders of my space, my home in all it’s festive charm. Have a beautiful day.

  2. I have a number of items on my to do list but while I sit here and read your letter I am happy just being curled up on the couch, Popeye by my side, music playing and rain falling. I might not get to that list today, and that is just fine. It will be there tomorrow, right? xx

  3. I am definitely too feeling a need to slow down, and ironically this is inevitably one of the busiest times of the year for me. So it’s funny as this need arises so does the flurry of activity. So it will be a quiet “dance”that I will do between now and the New Year. Today I am choosing to be still a little bit more. Hoping for tea and maybe even treat myself with a movie. There are days when being is more important then doing. xoxox

  4. Good morning…actually…reading these words at this very moment is ‘right’ for me :)

    It is grey here, too. Raining…but still warm. And as always, enjoying my morning coffee. *hugs* :)


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