A Prayer of Thanksgiving


In the quiet of my making (because only I can make the quiet), I pause and see that there is good all around.  It is in the nuthatch hanging upside down at the feeder, in the sweet juice of the clementine, in the soft eyes of the elderly woman walking down the street.

Let me not forget this kind of goodness.  The little kind, the almost-hidden kind.  Let me carve the quiet so that I continue to see.  Let me rest a while in the stillness so that I am refreshed.  And then, let me bring some of what I find to others.

This is my prayer.  A prayer of thanksgiving.  A prayer of intention.  For the good that is all around.  For the good.  There is so much good.


Sending a little love your way, m

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating this holiday!
And a final reminder that Just Five Things begins on Monday.  You still have time to register! Click here.



5 thoughts on “A Prayer of Thanksgiving

  1. You so do bring stillness & calm lovely friend… To me you do. I thought of you today as I washed up the breakfast plates… It’s a whirl but I wanted to tell you you are in my thoughts most days and often not just once… XXXX have a lovely weekend you xxxx

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving! This is my favorite holiday because its expectations are reasonable: to give thanks. And so I do! Thank you, Michelle, for this beautiful space you create for us.


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