How to Steer Clear of the Crazy

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Sometimes, especially at this time of year, some of us get a little crazy.  I choose to steer clear of the crazy.  Wanna join me?  

Drink tea, or coffee…the warmth is good.  Also drink lots of water.

Eat cookies.  Also eat vegetables.

Do what you can do today.  But remember that tomorrow is another day.

Think about what brings you joy.  Gather that into your life right now…don’t wait until the New Year.  Today’s a good day for joy, yes?

Consider that everyone is doing the best that he or she can do in any given moment. It might not look that way sometimes, but we don’t know everyone’s inner stories.

Martha Stewart is good at what she does.  So are you.  Do the holidays – do life – your way.

Sometimes less is more.

Twinkle lights are delightful (all year round).  String some.

Go gently.  And go with love.

All the love, m



22 thoughts on “How to Steer Clear of the Crazy

  1. I popped over here from Sarah Mackenzie’s Flourish Magazine and thought I’d say hi. It’s a small world, because I see you’ve also published with “Kindred” magazine! So fun. I’ve followed Amanda (The Habit of Being) forever! Your blog is lovely!

    1. Danielle…so good to see you here; thank you for popping over from Flourish!!
      As for Amanda …she’s wonderful, isn’t she?
      And thank you for your kind words regarding my blog…much appreciated!

  2. ah – always the comments have jewels as well.
    i think that i am going to use your suggestions as photo prompts for a blog post of my own. :)

  3. It astounds me how much effort people put into stuff and decorating at this time of year. gift guides and decorating guides and hostess gift guides make me cringe. we dont do gifts, or trees, instead we choose to spend time together, usually outdoors, where we can marvel at all the trees, not just one lone pine that has been grown simply to be cut down. x

    1. So much effort, right? We enjoy a little decorating here, but nothing overboard.

      So good how you’ve shifted your focus to make it meaningful for you. I’m not surprised. x

  4. Definitely giving the crazy a miss…had a few moments of ‘arrgghh!!!’ in November, but have now gone into ‘what will be, will be’ mode. Thanks for this Michelle and thanks for being the beautiful you that you are, much love J xx

  5. “We don’t know everyone’s inner stories” is something I must remember. I often think I know everyone’s story and often I do not, so that would add up to: often I am out of balance. In Hawaii we say pono when all is right with the world and our relationships. I choose joy now and pono comes along for the ride in harmony too.

    1. I think many of us fall into that trap of thinking we know the stories…at least from time to time.

      Here’s a quote that comes to mind (one I shared in my J5T class yesterday). It’s parallels this Hawaiian concept beautifully (which, btw, thank you for sharing!):

      We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.
      When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.

  6. Yes and bloody yes to this :)))).!!! I might just print this out several times and pin around the world xxxx thank you

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