:: Noticing the Moments ::

Taking some time to reflect upon my week…
:: every year my mom sends gingerbread house kits for the kids…I think they did a pretty stellar job (not that I’m biased or anything)

:: watering the Christmas tree and feeling like the water was taking forever to empty through the prettily-curved (but very thin) spout of the watering can…on the teetering edge of frustration (it was palpable)…and then I caught myself, reminded myself to take those extra moments to just sit there with the tree, to let the water pour forth slowly, and think of/do nothing else (and I tell you this because it took real effort) (but it was worth it)


:: these thoughts on softness

:: chopping lots of chocolate for holiday goodies…here’s one of our favorite cookies for which we chopped

:: unseasonably warm temperatures…wishing for snow, but trying really hard to appreciate the mild weather which (admittedly) is pretty beautiful


:: my daughter working so hard on her architecture project…witnessing her overwhelm and frustration, trying to help her break things into bite-sized chunks…reminding myself that I need to do the same (because, even though I teach this, I sometimes forget)

:: a couple months ago, I submitted some Polaroid images for a juried town show…I received an acceptance letter the other day…a mixture of Eep! and Ack!

:: you know I love twinkle lights…especially this time of year


So tell me…how has your week been?

Sending a little love your way, m



14 thoughts on “:: Noticing the Moments ::

  1. exciting about your paloroid!
    how does it look, all hung up at the show??

    and i hope your christmas-time was all kinds of wonderful!


  2. My week has been long – travelling 2 hours each way to work in another office, covering someone’s vacation….but the weather up here in Ontario, Canada is also mild, so even though I would love a white Christmas, for this week at least I am very happy it is NOT snowing.
    I’m ready for the holidays – just need to do a bit more Christmas baking (the Chai Snickerdoodles disappeared!) so I have to make more ;)
    The gingerbread house are perfection! I love your own lessons in patience and helping daughter break down a difficult project. It’s interesting how we find our own traits in our children.
    Have a great week leading to Christmas. I love twinkle lights too!


    1. well then, the mild weather was especially good for you with that extra travel (2 hours each way? ugh)…how nice of you to help cover someone.
      I hope you enjoy your week leading up to Christmas as well, Connie!!!

  3. We are warm here in New Jersey also and I am appreciating it since my morning walks keep my body healthy and my mind sane. During this time of the year I try to remember that usually something that doesn’t get done is only noticed by me.

    1. Oh, yes, I’m sure this weather makes for much nicer morning walks!!
      And what a wonderful reminder about things undone likely being noticed only by you. Yes, good to remember!!!

  4. the weather….!!! i continue to be surprised each time i head out the door!! it is such a gift to be able to walk the miles without hat, gloves, and coat. and i’m so excited for you about your polaroids!! around here, we are done with concerts and other performances…a week with hardly anything on the calendar. i’m so grateful. xo

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