Thinking About Pause + A Giveaway


A new year.  It holds so much, doesn’t it?

Part of me understands that we’re simply continuing on.  January 1 is not very different from December 31.  It’s a new day, yes (and how I love a new beginning) but the change in calendar year doesn’t much affect the daily doings of life.  Part of me also understands that the change in calendar year offers a built-in pause, an opportunity to reflect back as well as look ahead. It’s hard not to pause and reflect this time of year.

So I take it for what it’s worth, not weighing too heavily one way or the other. I appreciate a pause whenever it presents itself, whenever I invite it into my life.  And invite I do.  I would go crazy without pause in my life.  You too?

As I think about inviting pause, I think about the various tools I use each day…the tools that help me steer this side of crazy. Two of these are my camera and pen. Both camera and pen help me pause, help me slow down, help me celebrate.

The camera lens helps me see  more clearly.  The words help flesh out the rumblings in my head and heart.  They are both very much forms of meditation.

I’m getting ready to run my online class, 28 Moments.  This is a class where we use camera and pen to pause, to slow down, to celebrate.  You needn’t be a photographer or writer.  You simply need be curious about exploring your days with a camera (yes, this includes phone cameras) and pen (or pencil or keyboard) in hand. It’s a class that will open your eyes a bit more, your heart a bit more.  It will, I hope, open up your life a bit more.

Now here’s where the giveaway happens…
I’m offering two free spots for this class which will run February 1-28.  You can read full details about the class by clicking here.  If you’d like to enter for a chance in this class, please leave a comment below.  You can tell me/us anything you like…maybe what a pause looks like for you, maybe what you ate for breakfast this morning, maybe tell us a joke.  Simply share something and you’ll be entered.  (Already registered?  You can still play; if you win, you can pass that spot along to someone else!)  Comments will close Sunday, midnight PST; the winners will be announced here, in this post, on Monday, January 11.  Comments are now closed.
Thanks to all of you who played along.  The winners for this giveaway are: Janet and Lisa…congrats, ladies!  I’ll be sending you an email shortly.

Ready, set, go…

Sending a little love your way, m



16 thoughts on “Thinking About Pause + A Giveaway

  1. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!! A pause for me is simply making a cup of tea and looking out the window….at the burds, the tree branches in the wind, the rain coming down, watching the shadows. Lately my pauses have been all about nature!

  2. You are such a gentle heart Michelle. Thank you for offering this giveaway.
    Tell you something huh? Okay, a pause to me is when I can get outside, alone, walk the
    dirt roads, listen to the birds, and just let all my worries fade.

  3. This sounds like a wonderful class! I love the idea of pausing daily, being mindful,and recording simple things each day. Thanks for the chance to win this class!

  4. Michelle, I appreciate the opportunity to be considered for the gift of a spot in 28 Moments. For me, a pause is an invitation to be mindful and look at the world around me with curiosity, wonder, and gratefulness for the moments in my life.

    No matter if I’m selected or not, being invited to think about what a pause means to me has been a really good part of this day.

    Thank you!

  5. Michelle, I always look forward to your Monday posts as a way to pause. I come from a big family, and as a college student, have not moved from my parents home yet. I hold my family and friends close to my heart. Although there’s always at least ten people over at our house (yes, ten!). I always somehow, ironically, find it easy to pause in the midst of a ten person card game or a ten person debate. I find it beautiful how reflection can be found, even in a rambunctious group such as mine.
    Beauty abounds.
    Lots and Lots of Love to you and yours,

  6. Michelle, I am so excited to be doing 28 moments again with you and especially thankful to Jane for gifting the course to me. Our friendship began last year while taking this course, which means that for me, 28 Moments has been priceless in so many ways! xx

    1. {Grace, I’m so glad you and Jane are going to be joining this round. And I can’t tell you how much it touches my heart to see the friendship growing between the two of you. xx}

  7. I totally agree with the calendar pages and Dec. 31 not being different than Jan 1…except it’s a brand new day. But there is something that happens mentally when that new calendar page changes over! No need to put me in the drawing…just wanted to share a moment with you. xo

  8. Inviting pause–mmmm, yes!

    I’ve been thinking about wasting time lately. How in this season–small children and still unpredictable sleep, working from home and homeschooling–even moments set aside for creativity feel rushed. A rush to be productive while the baby naps.

    I want to *invite* that open space where spilling a little time is all right.

  9. Pause, a word that has been on my mind a lot lately. I am trying to use my notebook to pause each day and record some of the little moments from my day. Life can move so fast that I forget to notice the little things that bring joy. Thanks for the chance for a spot in your class.

  10. I was pausing yesterday to go through some old journals and I rediscovered this Diane Hanna quote:

    “Somewhere over the drenched rainbow beyond the shrouded hill down the long straight divide, there is a place big enough for your heart to breathe, light enough for your feet to finally touch ground. When the road sings its neon blue siren’s song, when it beckons your still, silent heart, remember that the journey is part of you, essential as memory, fundamental as bone. Dreams will swirl. Hopes will scatter. No matter. You will find your way. Be the extraordinary person you are, claim your life and share your gifts. The world will thank you.”
    – Diane Hanna
    Hope to be joining you on your 28 moments!!!
    Happy 2016!

  11. Thank you for the giveaway! For me pause is my mornings. I try every day to incorporate peace and self-care into my fresh new day: candle lit, coffee, computer/Instagram time, Divine Office and/or Pray As You Go set my mind upon God as does the Lutheran Book of Prayer. These are just a few things that I enjoy. Have a beautiful day!

  12. Thank you for the giveaway. Your posts always inspire, help me reflect, set the course for heart filled encounters. Appreciate your reflections.


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