It Begins with Mellow


Words of now.  In all honesty.
(I wanted to edit, but didn’t.)

Mellow.  Hot tea.  Fuzzy sweater.  Purple.  White chocolate (of which I’m not really a fan, but there’s no dark chocolate in the house, so there you go). Waiting. Procrastinating.  Overwhelmed (a wee bit).  (yet still) Managing. Quiet.  Content. Questions.  Truth.  Raw.  Wavering.  Excess (the white chocolate…I should have stopped halfway through).  Warmth.  Love.  Doubt. Strength.  Gratitude. Motherhood. Wisdom.  Muck.  Heart.  Intention.  Tears (not right now) (but strangely on my mind).  Red.  Grey sky.  Confidence (lack thereof).  Joy.  Dance.  Breath.

And you?  What are the words of your now??


Sending a little love your way, m


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8 thoughts on “It Begins with Mellow

  1. Overwhelmed {intermittently}, sad, happy, cold, longing, angry {a bit} invigorated, cosy, tired, lucky, dreaming.

    I am glad you didn’t edit your list, Michelle. I can always look to you for truth and that is what I love about you. Sending a hug your way from a very frosty Yorkshire morning xx

  2. { unedited } long sleeves. dry skin. chapped lips. birthday cake . ginger infused vodka. soy candle light . epsom salt soaks. cool breeze. moonlight on wet skin .

  3. right now….headache. nausea. from the gas leak?. worry. spaghetti squash. butter. parmesan cheese. chilly. here. now. xo

  4. Id give you the biggest hug if I was there…and id bring dark chocolate with me. It’s a funny old time if year this and it can bring all kinds of feelings and thoughts… Out with that doubt & muck.. Room then for new things. I LOVE your selection and way of seeing words.. Thank you for making me think and for always encouraging creativity xxx

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