Ten Things

Ten things, right now…

1.  red rooibos tea + almond milk + a red mug that reminds me of certain beautiful people
2.  Ben Howard on Pandora
3.  a list of to-do’s close by
4.  a glass of water close by too…I’m a good water drinker but lately I find myself succumbing to dehydration headaches…so I keep drinking even though I feel I might float away
5.  snow outside my window…dotted with bits of green and brown where yesterday’s rain made its mark
6.  nowhere to go until later this afternoon (so happy about that)
7.  the kitchen table…winter hats hanging on the chairs
8.  calling my daughter to start her math…but a certain sweet pup detains
9.  thinking about the lack of dinner prep today…take-out pizza is on the menu
10. wanting to curl up on the sofa with this book…but there is the aforementioned list calling my name…and so here I go

Sending a little love your way, m



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