25 Ways to Get Still


1.  stop (completely) what you’re doing
2.  take a slow, deep belly breath
3.  take a few more slow, deep belly breaths
4.  gaze out a window
5.  drink a cup of tea, slowly
6.  read a book
7.  write a list of gratitudes
8.  walk outside
9.  sit outside
10. watch a snail or bee or bird or…
11. listen for the wind
12. doodle
13. bake bread
14. chop vegetables
15. sew a button back on a shirt or jacket or…
16. sweep the floor
17. take a bath (or long shower)
18. meditate
19. light a candle
20. listen to quiet music
21. listen to silence
22. listen (really listen) to someone else’s story
23. handwash the dishes currently in your sink
24. watch the clouds
25. say yes or no…whichever you need more in this moment


Sending a little love your way, m


12 thoughts on “25 Ways to Get Still

  1. A beautiful compilation, Michelle. I love how you include baking bread and chopping vegetables, I find both to be so meditative! Sewing buttons? Not so much… xx


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