Witness and Exchange


I know I’ve shared a few images of tulips lately.  But I can’t help myself with another. Because tulips.  And sweet light.  And my desk.  It’s my happy place.

The other day, I wrapped up a round of 28 Moments.  It was such a good four weeks with women who opened up their hearts from day one.  It’s a funny thing (funny in a beautifully-interesting way) the exchange that happens in a class like that.  Yes, I put a lot of time and effort (and heart) into my classes. There’s the content prepared, there’s the space created and held, there’s the real-time engagement, feedback, and support.  I do work hard. But sharing time with my class participants is also a little awesome. And still, they pay me.

During every offering of mine, I fill with gratitude for the women who gather, sharing themselves and their truths.  They send me thank you’s.  But I always want to thank them.  For allowing me to witness their lives and their stories and their moments.  For allowing me to witness their beauty. The exchange of money for a service provided is understood on both sides, but it’s still crazy to me (in a good way).  I feel like participants in my classes gift me something. Something big and real and true.

I’m not sure what my work ahead looks like exactly.  Beyond knowing it involves photography and writing, I know (deep in my heart) that it involves witness.  That word has been with me for some time now.  And wrapping up these last four weeks is a little reminder, a little whisper to my heart, that I’m on the right track.

So I sit here, with my single yellow tulip and my arms reaching across the worn wood of my desk, and the late afternoon light pouring through the window, and my heart full and ever-curious.  And I  feel pretty damn good.

Sending a little love your way, m



10 thoughts on “Witness and Exchange

  1. if you do another “moments” session in the summer or fall, i will join! right now, adding another thing to my plate – even a thing that i would love – just seemed like too much. i didn’t want something that seemed to be so beautiful to feel like a “squeeze-it-in” to me.

    also – “witness” – yes – i try to live my life as a witness to beauty and love and goodness and kindness and grace – as a witness to the fruit of the Spirit, really.

    you do witness love and light – that’s what has drawn me to your online spaces.


    1. so good that you know your limits; to squeeze it in would mean you’d miss the point. I’m actually thinking about doing a summer run…you can watch for mention of it here, or sign up for my newsletter for notice of dates.

      there’s so much to see, so much to witness. I love that you’re working on this too.
      and thank you. I’m glad you’re here. xo

  2. Wow, I love that word and am going to let it sit with me today as I go about my day. Gathering and writing and making photos is what drives me also. Thank you so much for being you. You inspire me every day. xooxo

    1. thank you, Cathy, for your beautiful comment; it (YOU) makes me smile.
      and that word…witness…it’s just so good, holds so much, *is* so much. I feel it. xx

  3. Your heart is so big and the fact that you are witness to so many lives is a testament that you what you do is good and true and honest and helps people see what might be missing. Ice said this before -you have a beautiful soul.

  4. And so you should feel good because you are pretty damn awesome!

    Love reading this and love that what you do makes you feel so happy…that is surely something worth holding on to.

    Here’s to gathering and writing and photographs and light and tulips and all the little things that life is xx


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