On Spring


there is snow, just a dusting
there is wind and cold
bundled, we head out
pup in tow
and we walk, talk
and are quiet.

four days later
there are crocuses dotting the hill
a glimpse of yellow white purple
as we pass in the car
on our way to somewhere
and we smile.

another four days and
your arms and legs are bare
your faces lit by the sun
your spirits lit by the joy that is you
wholly you
and I take note.

the joy and the turning hearts
the bursting crocuses and the final snow
the exchanges whispered and those assumed.
the knowing wraps me in mercy
exposes the parts that need airing
and I nod to all that is.

all that is.


Sending a little love your way, m



7 thoughts on “On Spring

  1. “The knowing wraps me in mercy”… That and the four days just got my bones xxx love this!!

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