It Begins with Guitar


Words of now.  In all honesty.

Guitar. Girl. Ode to Joy. Delight. Wind. Fuzzy. Wool. Grey. Water. Slow. Quiet. Rings. Ponytail. Beads. Siblings. Fingers. Hands. Stories. Tulips. (more) Quiet. Love. Connection. Conversation. Listening. Presence. Practice. Persistence. Patience. Hello. Curiosity. Satisfaction. Longing. Wandering. Wondering. Depth. Surface. In between.

And you?  What are your words of now?

Sending a little love your way, m



8 thoughts on “It Begins with Guitar

  1. Michelle, this photograph speaks volumes. It has so much tenderness and love within it…it warms my heart x

    My words at the moment they are…rediscovering, adjusting, optimistic, proud, anxious, love, friendship, belonging, kindred, connection {I could actually go on and on}.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend xx

    1. I’m glad to know the photo warms your heart, Jane.
      and your words of now…so much in each of them. rich and layered, yes?
      hope you’re enjoying a lovely weekend!! xo

  2. Michelle, I read your blog and marvel at the beauty you find in quiet moments, and how even when you write a simple post it contains so many layers. It is a lovely space to visit time and again.

    Like Songbird Studio I am also feeling a little MIA, kind of untethered and unsure of where my path is leading. An uncomfortable yet necessary place to be at times. Perhaps it’s this crazy spring causing my unrest? I’m not sure, I just know I have self-doubt creeping in…

    This, too, shall pass! Have a lovely weekend, Michelle! xx

    1. hugging you across the miles, virtual and real. thank you. thank you.

      the untethered feelings are not easy. i’m feeling this too. you’re so right about the discomfort and necessity of it though…yes, i think so.

      keep going. gently. x


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