Will You Answer?


It’s late afternoon as I type this and
the sun streams through the window and
there’s tea with lemon, with sugar.
There’s my Polaroid camera and books and pens and sticks and things.
I like things.
And dinner needs fixing but
the sunlight keeps me here a few minutes longer.
I linger, not wanting to say much but
wanting to be here
a little while longer.
Wanting to honor the moment
the sun, the tea, the sticks and pen and camera.
This watching (the light)
this loving (the pens and sticks and things)
this lingering (lingering)
is my practice.
It almost makes me cry
(in a good way)
this watching and loving and lingering.
I don’t know what it all means but
it’s good and it feels like a calling.

Sending a little love your way, m

***I enjoyed the comments shared here and on Instagram regarding last week’s post.  The idea of practice, of showing up…so good to know you all are thinking and practicing too.


9 thoughts on “Will You Answer?

  1. I love moments such as this, Michelle. The pause, the feeling of gratitude. I always say a prayer of thanks.

    This is beautiful. xx

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