While It Rains


The basil she planted rests
in a pot, her plant her keeping

and next to the basil is
the armchair and my son,

curled up and reading.
The rain falls outside the window

just beyond the basil, just beyond my son,
just beyond me.

And I hear her footsteps now
walking from bath to bed,

and I imagine the drops of water
trailing along behind.

The water there, undoubtedly,
on the hallway floor

the rain there, undoubtedly,
outside my door

the basil at the window,
the boy in the chair,

my life my keeping.


Sending a little love your way, m

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10 thoughts on “While It Rains

  1. Such a beautiful homage to the joy of living a contented life, Michelle. I love the repetition and the way you used line breaks to convey feeling. Really lovely. It reminded me of the poetry of William Carlos Williams.


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