Ten Things


Ten things, right now…

1.   coffee with lots of almond milk…so I guess that’s a cafe au lait, yes?  #fancy
2.   my son doing Calculus
3.   my daughter reading on the floor next to me…hair in a ponytail…a long strand of hair hanging alongside her sweet eleven year old face
4.   David Gray on Pandora
5.   the green outside my window
6.   the clutter on my desk (must address this today)
7.   the absence of our pup this morning (she’s at the groomer’s)
8.   thinking about all I need (and want) to do today…trying to keep things in perspective and sidestep the overwhelm
9.   a cinnamon roll in my belly
10. running shoes on my feet…after I post this, I’m gonna hop on the treadmill

How’s your right now?

Sending a little love your way, m

***A note to remind you that registration is open for the next round of Just 5 Things. We’ll be playing with creative list making…part fun, part soulful. All doable. Will you join us? Click here to read about the class and to register.

12 thoughts on “Ten Things

  1. Very quiet. Popeye by myside, belly up, hoping for a rubbing. computer on lap, a shirt that needs mending on the coffee table (three days running), a threat of rain outside my window. Relishing the late afternoon quiet. xx

    1. Right now…
      Rug over round my shoulders :: chilly. Swallows or swifts swooping outside the window :: central heating clicking on in the pipes… Rumbling :: scent of flowers in the air :: water in my glass getting low… Refil required soon:: cat jumping down from the cupboard in the next room… Scratching at the door :: eyes feeling heavier and bed beckoning:)

  2. Bonkers in truth lol. Enough now… I’m watching a bunch of lilies and learning from their pace… Slow…gradual & mindful. This is the pace of life we each deserve. Xx wishing you Michelle the happiest week of calm.


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