It Begins with Violin


Words of now.  In all honesty.

Violin.  Viola.  Beauty.  Resistance.  Persistence.  Preparation.  Design. Architecture. Color.  Presentation.  Kids.  Windows.  Green.  Bare feet.  Sunlight.  Swing.  Quiet (even while the violin and viola play).  Clutter. Confusion.  Clarity.  Questions.  Heart. Ceiling fan.  Spinning.  Pigtails. Shadows.  Reach.  Afternoon.  Expectation.  Release. Hover.  Dive.  Be.

What are your words of now?

Sending a little love your way, m


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10 thoughts on “It Begins with Violin

  1. Bacon sizzling ( because Texas ) Dirty barefeet . Lack of sleep . Scent of baking cookies fill the air. Messy apron . { just five things } #justbecause

    1. what musical kids you have, Karen!!
      now that I have kids who practice an instrument, I totally understand why my mom loved listening to me practice the piano!


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