Avocado-Egg-Toast Thingie and a Metaphor


I love avocado.  In all its forms.  And I’ve eaten it with eggs countless times but never the way my sister made it for me when she visited recently.  It seemed silly that I’d never thought to make it the way she did; it seemed silly that I’d gotten set in my tendency to dice the avocado and toss it with scrambled eggs, maybe some salsa. The way she made it…of course.  Silly me.

So.  Toast a slice of bread (I like sourdough).  Mash up avocado and slather it on your toast.  Add salt and pepper to taste (freshly ground is nice).  Cook an egg (I like mine sunny side up) (the runny yolk is so good).  Slide egg gently onto avocado-slathered toast.  The last step is optional, depending on your liking; but I very much like it:  hot sauce (this is my current favorite) (again, thanks to my sister) (how had I not tried this yet?  stuck again…this time in my Sriracha ways) (silly me).

It’s easy, delicious, satisfying.

This new-to-me way of eating avocado and eggs carries a metaphor for me.  And metaphors carry lessons.  The simple lesson (and you know that simple doesn’t mean easy) is that there are many ways of doing (in this case, eating) the same thing.  And, even when one way of doing something is especially good, there are often other ways to do the doing.  Sometimes a shake-up, a restructuring, a shifting and re-layering is just the thing.

I plan to make this avocado-egg-toast thingie for myself this morning.  And the metaphor I described above will be floating through my head…all day…and likely for days.weeks.months ahead.  I’m thinking about my place in the world and what it is I want to offer the world (and how)…the world at large, the world closer in (like within the walls of my home).  A little shake-up, perhaps some restructuring, definitely some shifting and re-layering.  I’ve got some work to do.

If you’ve got an avocado and an egg and some bread (and hopefully hot sauce), make this for yourself.  Soon.  Or else get yourself to the market, quick! Don’t like avocado? It’s okay, we can still be friends.  But give the metaphor a taste.

And season as desired.

Sending a little love your way, m



11 thoughts on “Avocado-Egg-Toast Thingie and a Metaphor

  1. Oooh, this sounds yummy! I love eggs, I love avocados, I love sourdough bread, I love hot sauce…what could go wrong? : ) And this metaphor is excellent! I find it important to mix things up every now and then because there is nothing so energy sapping as being in a rut. I can’t wait to see where your time of reflection takes you! xx

  2. Alas, I like eggs, but only eat them occasionally as they don’t like me {I won’t elaborate…but you can imagine}. I do love avocado, very much. I have a wonderful recipe for a {sort of} prawn cocktail with an avocado cream, if you should ever need one.

    Love this post and its sentiment and yes sometimes we just have to shake it up a little.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend filled with eggs, avocado and happiness! xx

  3. i have never eaten an avocado…i have a bit of a block around food that I have never tried. :)
    but i do love this post. So visual! :)

  4. I love avocado on toast and I love a poached egg on toast. The two together? Gotta try that! A big yes to the metaphor of expanding delight by trying new things.

  5. I’ve been a fan of avocado toast for a while, but hadn’t thought to add the hot sauce. I’ll give it a try. I enjoy these everyday glimpses of your life, and especially today’s photo because it reminds me to be present in this moment – breakfast.

  6. I am going to try this on the weekend…special treat for my slower days….thanks for both the metaphor & the ‘thingie’ :)

  7. Nice metaphor and we eat the same hot sauce.its the one thing I buy big at Costco! I will be trying this and I know I will love it!!!

  8. Spinach. I made this last week but the avocado part was spinach sauteed in a little butter and the egg was soft poached. Yes, our mind being open to the many possibilities. We are creatures of habit. It is always interesting to look at things (eggs, etc) from different angles. Have a lovely day.


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