In Need of Porch Step Sitting


Our schoolwork has wrapped up for the year (save a few additional weeks of math work for my son).  And while the winding down feels good, there’s a simultaneous gearing up.  Which is freaking me out.  Mildly.

Navigating our son’s high school years as a homeschooler means we’ll be enlisting the help of the community college as he begins his sophomore year in the fall.  Which means an application process and transcript preparation and placement testing.  It means overwhelm and holy-shit-on-repeat in my mind.

But, as I’ve written many times in this space, it’s a matter of doing things one at a time.  Yes? Yes.  And so I’ve been trying that.  One thing at a time. Transcript, check. Student account setup, check.  Steam clean the dining room carpet, check.  Pour another glass of iced tea, check.

If you have experience with homeschooling in the United States, you know that it’s growing.  You might also know that colleges and universities welcome homeschoolers.  So I know this.  But still, it freaks me out.  To hold my son and the shaping of his education in my hands is a daunting task. And it’s not like this is a new responsibility; we’ve been homeschooling him since kindergarten.

And those of you who have your children in a traditional school setting…you are shaping your child’s education as well.  Am I the only one freaking out? No, I’m sure not.

But when did college get so close?  How did community college classes land on our doorstep so soon?

He’s taller than I; a check-up at the doctor yesterday told us he’s one-quarter of an inch shy of six feet.  His feet are the same size as my husband’s. When I hug him, he’s solid.  Solid.  He’s funny and quick and smart. Athletic. Sometimes (yes, just the other day) he shows his tender side.

So I take things as they come. Which, really, is how I’ve always done it. You too?  Yes, I thought so.  Phone calls, appointments, tests.  Steam clean the carpets which needed cleaning ages ago but whose cleaning suddenly seems super urgent (um, procrastinate much?  why, yes, I do).  Glasses of iced tea. Glasses of something stiffer too.  And maybe a good sit on the porch steps. Yes, a good sit on the porch steps will do.

Care to join me??

Sending a little love your way, m



10 thoughts on “In Need of Porch Step Sitting

  1. you are entering the thrilling part of parenting! I loved the teen years and the higher education! He will be fine, you will be fine. It’s new and therefore the “unknown” we like to know everything :) When I first did the FAFSA I nearly had a heart attack. Now I have a mild one…

  2. I’m going with my oldest to his orientation at University of Mary Washington tomorrow. He starts in the fall and yes, as a homeschooler there have been so many holy shit moments as well as those moments when you are just gobsmacked at the incredible people they have grown into.

  3. I’m all in for the porch sitting. I had to look up “sophomore,” means second year of high school yes? Keep on taking deep breaths and crossing things off your list. It is amazing when these kids of ours turn out to be almost grown ups. It’s staggering. A lot to absorb. Take good care of your dear self, Michelle.

  4. You are in luck! I am an expert in porch-sitting AND I am available to do some of said porch-sitting next Thursday afternoon. See you there!

  5. I join you in spirit as I sit on my front porch steps. One of my favorite past times as I sip coffee and watch the people walk by with their families and cars drive by with a wave hello from the driver and/or passenger or both.

    I am taking it slow this Summer. A much needed break from IG as I ponder my life as my birthday approaches. Why do birthdays seem to make people dive inward to their soul’s core?! Maybe it is just me :)

    In May. our youngest graduated college. Such a milestone. a good one. He has a job lined up so that is good but most of all I want him to soak in the goodness that is life. I want all my children to realize the goodness of slow and mindfulness and to love. I think it might come with age(hence the birthday is near :) ) but I think it is a welcome idea this slow in a multi-tasking world.

    Have a beautiful day!! Savor the slow but fullness of the day. xoxo.

  6. I’m here sitting on my porch, thinking of you on yours…glass of wine in hand…you are not alone…BTW, I just saw our first firefly!



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