Pressing Pause

656yellowHello to you.

I wish to let you know that I’m stepping away from this space for a bit.

A wee break.
A pause.

I have creative projects on which I’d like to work and need to free up some space for myself to do that work.  And my family…you know there’s my family.  And gazing at the birch trees out back.  They feed each other…and me.  Energy in, energy out.  I’m needing to shift.

I’ll continue writing my monthly newsletter which – if you don’t already subscribe – is simply a heartfelt letter from me to you on the first of each month.  If you’re not already on my list, you can sign up by clicking here.

You will still find me exploring what it means to be a mama at Makings of Motherhood and what it means to be a photographer at ViewFinders; you’ll also still find me playing with inspirational quotes and mobile photography at Tandem Echoes (wanna play along?!).  All of these spaces include the work of my wonderful co-contributors; the sharings are rich and layered.  Hop on over to any or all of these spaces, as inspired.

For now, I plan to continue with Instagram, though a pause there may be in order as well.  You can find me on Instagram @michelle_gd and I invite you to join me in using the hashtag #tinytinymoments anytime you feel especially present and want to connect creatively with kindreds.

Right now, I’m still planning on Gratitude Week in early November as well as another round of Just Five Things before the fall rounds into winter.  The best way to keep abreast of these offerings will be my newsletter.

I hope you enjoy your summer (or winter, depending on which corner of the world you live in).  Be kind and gentle…to yourself, as much as to others.  Show up and do the doing.  Shine your light.

And remember to pause now and then.
In the stillness you’ll find movement.
I’ll be dancing alongside you…

Sending a little lotta love your way, m



9 thoughts on “Pressing Pause

  1. Hi :)) I will really miss you you know? But I understand and just wanted to wish you s very happy summer all of you.xx we have a holiday to enjoy with Robert in August in the sun and my kitchen to pull out and refit in August too… Pics will follow and oh I can not wait! Other than that we will be doing the do and I’ll look for you. Is this your news letter pls or shall I subscribe to that also? Keen to keep up. Did b get loopy Loos letter Michelle? Love to you X

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