On a Cool September Morning


…and I’m back.

Back on a cool September morning, the sun rising and filling the corners of our home, the windows cracked and spreading coolness upon my toes.  Back with a cup of English Breakfast tea, sweetened with a touch of maple syrup (okay, a full tablespoon), a bit of milk.  Agnes Obel on Pandora.  A flickering candle on my desk. Back with patched jeans and a pale blue tee.  Two favorite rings, a circle pendant strung on leather cord, circle earrings, a band of beaded bracelets.  I’m having myself a moment.

I’m back from nowhere, really.  I’ve been here, just not here.  But this space and you dear readers have been on my mind.  I missed being here with you, but it was good too.  To press pause.  To grant myself a little space.

This morning, I woke up knowing that I wanted to share something here.  And as I came down the stairs, the house completely quiet, I was immediately seized with thoughts of what needed doing: start the laundry, empty the dishwasher, check the emails, make the grocery list, and All The Rest.  I did start the laundry, but then…I heated water in the kettle and squeezed fresh lemon juice into my mug.  And with hot lemon water in hand, I moved to my desk and lit the candle.  And I opened my journal and I moved my pen.  Across the page and through the tucks of my heart. First things first.

A little pause on this cool September morning.

And now I sit writing to you at my desk, and I hear the whirring of the washing machine in the background. There’s a crow cawing outside my window.  I’m watching for the juncos at the feeder.  The leaves of the birch trees sway ever so slightly.  Just a hint of movement.

It’s a cool September morning and I’m ready.  For today.  But first, a second cup of tea.


Sending a little love your way, m


10 thoughts on “On a Cool September Morning

  1. Hooray, you’re back! Though you were never really far away… :) What a lovely post, it’s wonderful to find your blog in my mailbox again. You just know I looked long and hard at your photograph to check out where the focus was! :D xoxo

  2. Welcome back! Such a treat when my first click of the day pops your *voice* up onto my screen. Because you know I check every day…just in case…cause you and your blog are my fav! {heart}


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