The Overlap


This morning, in between good morning kisses and starting the laundry and emptying the dishwasher and making pumpkin bread and helping the kids with their schoolwork and proofreading my October Notes (to go out tomorrow) (what, October already?!)…yes, in between and among all of that, there came a moment when I picked up the camera and turned the lens on me.

Because I needed to pause.  And I wanted to remember.

I wanted to remember the patches on these jeans and the slippers on my feet and the coffee in my mug and the kids close by and the rain falling and the pumpkin bread baking.  I wanted to remember that first things first, and second things second, and that I can create pauses in between the first and second (and third).

I wanted to remember to look in my niece’s eyes when she was talking to me (yes, we’re so lucky to have one of my nieces staying with us this week).  I wanted to remember to sit on the floor next to my daughter and let her show me the map she’s drawing to pair with her current fantasy writing.  I wanted to remember that, even though my son is fifteen, he still needs me for proofreading and pumpkin bread and hugs.

I wanted to remember this Friday morning as a continuation of yesterday and a preparation for tomorrow.  I wanted to remember.  And so I turned the camera and I made the shot.  And I felt at peace.  At peace in that pause.  At peace in the midst of our love-filled home.  I’m so grateful for the life that is mine.

There are things I need to do.  And there are things I want to do.  And sometimes (in fact, I think quite often) the two overlap.

That, my friends, is what I wanted to remember.

Wishing you a happy Friday.  Wishing you a weekend full of remembering and pausing and generally feeling good.

Sending a little love your way, m


p.s. hey, it’s almost time for Gratitude Week!
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6 thoughts on “The Overlap

  1. I so love this. Yes, the pause between is so important. And the being there fully, so a lovely memory is birthed. Happy October, dear friend and teacher! xx


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