Five on a Tuesday + a Giveaway


I like my lists.  I know you know.  When I just need to get something (anything) down, lists are how I fill my page.  Yes, the to-do lists (there’s always a current to-do list). But the other lists.  The ones for gratitude, the ones for right now, the ones for dreams.  I like the way lists tell a story.

If I write a list of five things for my Tuesday morning, here’s what comes to mind:

  1. a sunny and cool autumn walk with my favorite girl and our pup
  2. gratitude for being home this morning
  3. a hot cup of tea and then toast for me and waffles for the kids
  4. reading with the kids and the discussion that ensued
  5. tissues and tea and a longing to lay down (I’ve got a cold ;)

It’s simple, this list.  But it captures the morning perfectly for me.  It’s a little story for this Tuesday.  My story.

And now the giveaway part…I’ve got an upcoming run of Just Five Things starting in November and I’d like to invite you to join me.  You can read full details about the class by clicking here (dates for the class are November 7 – November 20).

In order to celebrate the opening of registration, I’m hosting a giveaway this week. Hooray!  Two spots in the class.  To enter the giveaway, share a few things you might list for your day.  You don’t have to write five.  You could write one.  Or ten.  As you wish.

Comments will close Sunday, October 9 at midnight PST.  I’ll announce the winners back here, in this post, on Monday.  Comments are now closed.  The two winners, selected at random are:  Heidi Johnson and Betty Tusing.  Congrats, ladies + I’ll be sending you an email shortly!  

Thanks to all of you who played along.  I enjoyed reading what each of you shared; so many things listed brought a smile to my face.  (And if you didn’t win…and, really, I wish you could all win…send me an email reminding me that you played along in the giveaway and I’ll send you a discount code to use for class registration).  xo

I can’t wait to read your lists stories.

Sending a little love your way, m


p.s. hey, it’s almost time for Gratitude Week!
Click here for details :)

20 thoughts on “Five on a Tuesday + a Giveaway

  1. Wow! I almost missed it. I was visiting Grace blog and saw it!
    1. the great pumpking pie I ate today
    2. the sunny day
    3. the silence in the house just now, the boys went to the theatre
    4. feeling a little better from my back pain
    5. had visited Grace’s blog and learning about your course

    Have a great week!

  2. 1. Rainy, windy and cold outside…..but warm and toasty inside.
    2. And……., the perfect day to start reading “Awaken the Spirit Within” which I picked up at the library yesterday.
    3. The scent of the candle burning which reminds me of a very special little girls visit this summer.
    4. Coming home earlier with a new coffee maker (old one decided not to work anymore)……and enjoying my morning cup of joe which which was extra delicious because it was about 2 hours later than usual :).

  3. My small orange notebook that keeps my lists and thoughts, the color orange that seems to make such an appearance this time of year – pumpkins, mums, leaves-, hot coffe on a cool afternoon, and tacos for dinner. Have a lovely weekend, Lisa

  4. I am happy that Karen (aka PumpkinSunrise) directed me your way!

    Now for my list:
    A walk with the pup
    Meditation and journal time
    Creative writing
    And then my focus for the day

    Thank you for this opportunity!!

  5. Ever grateful for:
    1. This 54-year-old body with its shoulder aches and back pains, hip bruises and leg scars and 20 extra pounds (again) ’cause it’s paddling me from Maui to Lana’i and back. 36 miles in open ocean with spinner dolphins and honu as playmates.
    2. Facebook, Facebook, Facebook – you time sucker upper; you retreat from the more pending responsibilities of, well, just living; you mistress of my many love affairs across the miles – I am so humbled to see your lives daily: the good that you do, the pain that you carry, the art that you create and the grace you deliver in this mad, mad world.
    3. My dolphin boy with the sophisticated palette, adamant “I do it” delivery and giggling “Mommy has a penis” into belly fits of laughter.
    4. The prompt from MGD that says take the time, just 5 things, write them down. So nurturing, so necessary and so easily forgotten.
    5. My losses. Having had time with those now departed and remembering.

  6. I have a journal of lists. I love them! My day on Wednesday . . .walking in the early morning sun – sharing a picnic lunch with my dad who has Alzheimer’s – standing near the water’s edge listening to the roar of water – taking the back roads home – going to bed a little early

  7. Hi Michelle,

    Loved reading your post, but sorry to hear you have a cold, I do hope you are feeling better soon!

    I am going to join Just Five Things anyway, so please don’t enter me into your {very kind} giveaway.

    Here is my list anyway for today:

    1. Hot chocolate in the park
    2. A lovely walk with my husband and Trevor {the dog}
    3. Wearing jumpers
    4. Autumn colours
    5. Just Autumn generally : )

    Wishing you a lovely Thursday!

    Jane xx

  8. :) i do love a list…

    1. milk duds
    2. geese flying overhead
    3. a phone call from my girl
    4. pink flannel pajama pants
    5. giggles

  9. Popped over from Grace’s :)
    1. The warmth of the fire on this most blustery Autumn day.
    2. The connections made on the internet.
    3. Texts from beloved daughter – away at university.
    4. Text (just now) from hubby to say he’s leaving work.
    5. Food in the kitchen ready to cook.

  10. Early morning fog
    Pouring dark rich coffee into a large mug
    Entering the cool dark classroom
    Soft blue lights coming from monitors
    Quiet and solitude for a while
    The chatter of voices in the hallway
    The school day has begun!

    Michelle, Thanks for this opportunity.

  11. 1) Watching the sun rise, pink stripes and wood smoke.

    2) Kind words from colleagues, texts from friends.

    3) No tears.

    4) Time for stitching and a creative walk.

    5) Homemade pizza and laughter for tea.

  12. Thank you Michelle, not only for the opportunity of a give away, but also for the taste of what listing can bring to ones day :)

    1. Giving thanks to the opportunity for a do over that only 10 hours of sleep could have given me.

    2. Relishing the catch up + shared coffee with my dad at the roastery.

    3. Pondering what came up on a deep dive into The Desire Map process I took this morning.

    4. Giving more thanks for the friend who send me a text at 5 AM to tell me how awesome I am. I really needed that.

    5. Joyfully anticipating our National Taco Tuesday celebration with friends, tacos + a fierce game of Mexican Train Dominos.

  13. 1. Savoring a full night’s sleep in the crisp October air
    2. Packing for a week in the upstate NY area…days of creativity and fun
    3. Laundry going and the dryer buzzing impatiently at me to come fold the clothes already
    4. My artwork nestled in a box and packaged to sell….deep breath of fear here. Am I good enough?
    5. Left over pizza for lunch, slowly reheated in the toaster oven so that it’s crisp
    6. Watching DWTS tonight with hubby

  14. Hello Michelle
    Thanks for this lovely opportunity!
    These are some things I want to remember about today:
    1. Early morning yoga and meditation
    2. Cool, crisp morning autumn air
    3. Bright pumpkins outside the grocery store
    4. Morning snuggles with my little girl
    5. A few deep breaths snatched in between the morning madness:)

  15. 1) do an extra day at work so my boss can go to a funeral.
    2)take my daily shot for my 366 project, by the sea.
    3) go home and nurse the cat, (hairballs) and husband (man flu).
    4) cook something new for dinner, Thai salmon fishcakes :)
    5) process my photo’s while my hubby does his modelling.
    6) A glass of wine and an hour relaxing with hubby.
    7) snuggle down in bed, and smile as I have a day to myself tomorrow!


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