(Not New) Lessons


Lessons in living this week.  That’s what I keep thinking about.  Surely, there are lessons every week, every day, every minute.  But this week…well, it was a week.  I don’t talk politics in this space and, even with the mention of it there (twelve words back), that’s all I’ll do.  The word, the mention.  Because it’s heavy on our minds.  Across the globe.

My lessons this week (some of them) are to work hard here at home; my lessons begin with me.  To love my children and guide them.  To love my husband and extended family.  To love my friends.  To love those I don’t know.  To love those whose opinions are different from my own.

If I teach my children one thing (and, good grief, I hope I teach them more than one) (I think I already have) it will be to have an open heart and to show respect for everyone.  Okay, that’s two.  But they go together.  You cannot do one without the other.

I shared the above image on Instagram the other day.  And I paired it with these words.  Words I now share with you:

keep an open heart
maintain respect
listen carefully
extend compassion
keep going

These are not new lessons.  But they are lessons that turn up again and again and again.  I’m trying.  And, if you’re here reading this, I know that you’re trying too.  And I thank you.  Let’s do this.  All of us.

sending a little love your way, m

12 thoughts on “(Not New) Lessons

  1. I am internally shouting YES for you, your words and your good, GOOD heart, Michelle.

    We all live different lives, so therefore our opinions are bound to differ. But, even with differing opinions we can still hold respect in our hearts.

    Sending love your way dear friend xxxx

  2. Gorgeous, Michelle. Fits perfectly with the Golden Rule (and yes, I think your children are absorbing an abundance of wonderful lessons from you). xx


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