:: Ten Things ::


Ten things.  Right now.

  1. See that sky?  That’s my sky, right now.  (well, a few minutes ago) (it was so beautiful) (and I wanted to share it with you)
  2. English Breakfast tea.  With coconut palm sugar.
  3. Christmas music.  Of course
  4. My worn, grey, wool sweater.  I wear it, um, almost all the time once winter arrives.
  5. Piles of things on my not-very-big desk.  Must tidy up.
  6. Despite the long list of to-do’s, there’s a feeling of peace within.  I like that very much.
  7. Thinking about the December Notes I sent out yesterday.  Thinking how much I like sending those.  Thinking about the way I move in this world.
  8. A belly that’s beginning to feel hungry.
  9. Hoping that my son wakes up without a sore throat this morning.
  10. Wanting to sit in the still-dim room once I click ‘publish’ on this post.  The house is quiet with both kids still sleeping.  Yes, I think I’ll do just that.  Sit.



What is your right now like?  It’s worth the pause.  I promise.

Sending a little love your way, m
p.s. it’s the first Friday of the month, which means my friend Barbara and I have a new pairing up at Tandem Echoes.  quotes + photos.  Click here to see.



11 thoughts on “:: Ten Things ::

  1. I hope you got the non sore throat thing :)

    I’m catching up on blogs and sipping tea while there is a football game on. I’m definitely NOT watching and the watcher is sleeping. I will change the channel once I’m caught up :)

  2. Delicious. My right now is…

    1. A Christmas tree with fresh lights after having lit, decorated, undecorated, + relit. Twice.
    2. White bean puttanesca simmering on the stove.
    3. Roasted garlic soaked in olive oil smeared over fresh bread.
    4. Frank, Dino + all the boys on our Pandora Christmas channel.
    5. Crochet on the hook, process making with a Tunisian stitch cowl.
    6. A new stack of library books to pursue
    7. Dusk just fell + night envelopes the windows.
    8. Windows are cracked + let in the dry, cold scent of snow on the way.
    9. Making mental lists of projects for tomorrows Makers Meet Up.
    10. My sweetie sitting next to me, lost in his own thoughts + yet present in our togetherness.

    I love these reminders to delve into the ordinary moments, Michelle, thank you for the December Notes.


  3. My right now……

    1. Just finished a rich cup of coffee from the local coffee shoppe.

    2. Purchased 16 oz of their freshly roasted beans so I can now make this at home.

    3. Giving myself a much needed manicure shortly. Gave my nails a few days without polish and indulged in the coconut oil for nails and hands…so helpful.

    4. Cold outside but gorgeous sunny day – blue sky and puffy white clouds.

    5. Another much needed peaceful morning.

    6. Uh oh……..just received a phone call regarding my mother. Trying hard not to worry about things that are out of my control.

    7. Have been struggling with some changes but feeling at peace now that I have finally made a decision.

    8. Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard is BARE so grocery shopping is a must today.

    9. Insurance changes made…finally….really hate this……..but it’s done and don’t have to do this until next year :).

    10. Husband just returning from work and looking forward to a nice relaxing evening with him….(big smile).

  4. Your just ten things immediately calmed me. Here are mine:
    1. Feeling a little stressed because today is our Christmas concert. Need to be at the venue by 2:00 even though we don’t go on until 7:30!
    2. Enjoying the moment of quiet.
    3. Watching Popeye as he sleeps on top of the couch…where he shouldn’t be.
    4. Mentally making a to do list in my head while I type.
    5. Noticing the sun slipping through the back window.
    6. Sipping on hot tea, decaf at this point.
    7. Listening to the ringing in my ears. : )
    8. Feeling grateful that I haven’t any joint pain today.
    9. Procrastinating, as always.
    10. Noticing that my toes are chilled.

    Not very poetic, but very truthful, LOL! Sending you love, dear Michelle! xx

  5. 1) Just finished housework and ironing
    2) Sorted out hubby’s new keyboard so I can have my spare back!
    3) The cat is snuggled up on my computer chair so am having to sit on the bedroom stool to do my stuff.
    4) Happy that the cat is having a good day. (She has an inoperable tumour and is sometimes poorly with it).
    5) Enjoying the calm before the storm- grandkids coming to stay overnight.
    6) Enjoying catching up with my wordpress friends.
    7) Thinking about Christmas dinner, decisions, decisions.
    8) Wondering what to do for my daily shot tonight.
    9) Staring out of the window at the sunset clouds.
    10) Happy there are no problems to think about at this moment in time.

    :) regards Fraggle.

  6. I hope you had that calm quiet for a good while and eased into that day xx your sky! Full of incredible things I’d say for the new year… xx

    Sent from my iPhone


  7. Ten things…
    1. I had a shower (grateful for the well being recovered)
    2. The Minimalism November Project echoes in me and around me so strongly
    3. Wrote two Christmas cards but want to wait for snow
    4. Frequently look at weather report (hoping for the words “heavy snowfall warning”)
    5. Adoring the short days
    6. Asked for help and got it about exercise
    7. Aware of not rushing
    8. Aware of stress triggers and avoiding them
    9. Finished some knitting, thinking about next project, not sure what it will be
    10. I fancy an egg. Gonna have one. Yes.

    Peace and light to you, Michelle.

  8. Hi, Michelle!
    Your sky is greaaaaaat!
    Where are you? What time is it, there?
    I´m here in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I want to send you my tens!!!
    It´s 9.28 a.m. in a warm morning…
    I´ve done my sun salutation.
    I´ve run my 40 minutes.
    I´m enjoying a cold coffee now.
    My son is sleeping with a terrible sore throat, YES!
    My little daughter (dog) is sunbathing in my super small garden.
    I´ve posted my insta “justfivethings”.
    There´s a new flower blossoming in one pot.
    There are two enormous lemons on the floor.
    The house is in complete silence.
    And you are right: I´m enjoying this special pause…
    Thank you very much!

    1. hello, hello! I’m in virginia, usa…this sky happened about 6:45!

      I hope your son feels better soon!

      {and I’ll be sure to check out your #justfivethings on IG!!!}


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