Trying Again

I wrote a post yesterday but it felt a little off for me.  I’ve taken the post down and I’m trying something different.  Same photo, new words…


My dear friend gifted me this set of votive candles years ago.  Every Christmas season, I set them out (because they’re sweet) (and they remind me of her) but I never burn them.  As I set them out the other day, I told myself that I will indeed burn them this year.  I will enjoy them (and then… replacement candles!).

I do this sometimes.  Love something so much that I hesitate to use it.  I want to save it, don’t want to “spoil it”.  But I wonder if something gets lost then…in that precious handling of things.

I am going to make everything around me beautiful.  That will be my life.
~Elsie de Wolfe~

Here’s to enjoying the things and people that bring joy into our days.
I’ll burn these candles this Christmas season.
And I’ll think of my sweet friend.  And I’ll think of you too.
Here’s to loving, but not holding too tightly.  Here’s to making life beautiful.

sending a little love your way, m



12 thoughts on “Trying Again

  1. I bought myself votive candles this year and just love them. I am late to the ‘more candles the better’ club, but this season find that there is something about the softness of a candlelit room that is so comforting. I hope you are having a wonderful season, Michelle. xx

  2. oh, I so get this…I am totally guilty of doing the same…I have held on to pens for so long, that when the occasion was finally “special” enough, they had dried up. Thank you for this reminder! :) <3

  3. So with you in this!! I have two on my shelf I “saved” for about 7 years…saved for what??? And now the moments all passed and I feel now after so long I’d be burning them just for the sake of it.. that’s a good resolution… enjoy things in the moment they are most special and fresh xxx like this new post more too but liked them both :))

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  4. Your honesty and your grace! I wish you could bottle it up and send me some. I always find your words worthy. I don’t comment much, but I want you to know I sit with them and always come away learning something. I find your prompts, be it a list or a suggestion on noticing the everyday around me so good. I think you should do a year long class! Okay, how about weekly. Do what your heart tells you, because you always get it right! And yes, burn those candles. oooxxx

  5. I wrote a comment to yesterday’s post and I didn’t share it. I thought my words were too out of the point, not an “answer” to your words.
    To my surprise (or not), my comment (with small adjustments) fits today’s post. He we go: Dear, Michelle, just be who you are here and on your letters. Keeping the candles or burning them, we like you all the same.

  6. I have learned to use everything as often as I can. I don’t save that beautiful hand painted dish (that my mother in law gave me) for special occasions anymore. Using it throughout the year…special occasions…ordinary days……..I’m adding more memories to this cherished dish and it brings her closer to me.
    Enjoy the light and love from your candles Michelle :).


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