:: Noticing the Moments ::

Taking some time to reflect upon my week…656candles:: lighting (and enjoying) these candles

:: cold, wind, blusteriness

:: trying my hand at making beeswax candles…the 2-pound chunk of beeswax required patience and lots more time than I anticipated…a peppermint mocha helped656beeswax:: good life conversations with my kids

:: breakfast for dinner…twice this week…yes, please and thank you

:: lots of making656peppermint656pretty:: stumbling upon words and quotes and synchronicities

:: cookies

:: sitting by the Christmas tree with my sweet girl656tree

And you…what were some of your moments this week?

sending a little love your way, m


8 thoughts on “:: Noticing the Moments ::

  1. ::an afternoon spent photographing our Christmas tree, trying to catch the bokeh! ; )
    ::anticipating the arrival of Mary on Thursday evening and Michelle on Friday morning
    ::happily crossing items off the to-do list
    ::Christmas carols playing in the background
    :: enjoying a particularly crisp apple…yum!

    Merry Christmas! xx

  2. hmmm…
    *lots and lots {and lots} of snow falling (makes me giddy!)
    *making rum balls, sugar cookies (and feeling relaxed about getting the other ‘essentials’ done) as well as a loaf of bread (there’s not much that fresh from the oven won’t cure, no?)
    *making felted wool acorn caps (the cutest darn things ever)
    *writing and posting cards and gifts
    *bumping into an ig stranger/friend on the street of my new town, and a spontaneous ‘aren’t you…?’
    *meeting and chatting with neighbours as we shovel for the second and third time of the day
    *night walk-abouts with our old pup through knee deep snow, taking in all the twinkly snow-covered lights, watching others x-country ski down unplowed roads (magic)
    *breakfast for dinner twice (yes indeed!)
    *recognizing a building anticipation for family and Christmas to arrive and an equal measure of contentment with the peace and quiet of here and now…not wishing any time away (and it’s a lovely feeling)
    *noting the overlaps between your week and mine…and loving that bit of synchronicity. xo

  3. Noticing my Moments

    ::Sharing dinner with some friends in our recycled mini-patio…
    ::Sweet moments with our pets: dog, turtle, old canaries that we inherited…
    ::The doctors telling us that my husband´s arm is getting better after the accident with the kite (which took place this week, too)…
    ::A new haircut…
    ::My moments of meditation and running which helped me, specially in this “not so typical week” (with husband at home and with a terrible mood)…
    ::Watching the moon…
    ::Taking photos, which, for me, connects myself to the present moment and makes me appreciate the world around and the simple things which settle and ground me…
    ::Thanking you for this invitation!!!


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