Heart Wide Open

img_0634A quick something on a Friday morning. Which is like every other Friday in some ways and not at all like every other Friday in other ways. I am having computer issues right now. Which leaves my heart heavy as I wait to find out how much data will be retrieved.  A new US President will be sworn in today.

And I’m not scared or angry about either.  Unsettled by both, yes. But not scared, not angry. The heart channels are open. And perhaps that sounds hokey to some. But there it is. Heart Wide Open.  It’s what I can do right now, on this Friday.

I make this choice as I wait on my computer.  I make this choice as my country swears in a man whose values and behaviors are not in alignment with my own.  It’s all going to be okay, it will.  This is not the Friday I would have envisioned for myself a year ago.  But it’s the Friday that has shown up.

And so I will live it.  With my heart wide open.

sending a little love your way, m


12 thoughts on “Heart Wide Open

  1. So lovely, Michelle, both photo and sentiment. I am also keeping my heart open. I worry that I did not clearly articulate what I meant to express yesterday on Instagram. I was reading all the different messages and I thought to myself that as long as there are women like you and the others I follow in this world, women who are brave enough to keep their hearts open, who continue to have faith in the innate goodness that exists in our world, who raise our children to be courageous (couer=heart), compassionate and true then we will overcome this current period of fear and intolerance. As Donna mentioned above, where there is darkness there will also be light. We are the light bearers and we will prevail. xx

    (wow, I never make such long comments. I guess I feel a little passionate about this!)

    1. sweet Grace…you’ve articulated yourself beautifully here *and* yesterday on Instagram. i’m glad you left this long comment. your words, your thoughts, your heart…are true.

      we will love, we will prevail. here we go… xo

  2. I feel the same. Wherever there is darkness there will also be light. I needed this post today – reminding me that I can be wide open, too.


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