Stay with Love

img_0722This has never been a place of politics.  But it has always been a place of being present and showing up.  It has always been a place (I hope) of quiet intention.  And so I write with some trepidation today, not wanting to offend, not wanting to upset, not wanting to be part of the overload.  But if I’m to be true to this space, to my presence and my intention (to my self), then what I write will parallel necessarily.

People are scared right now.  People are angry.  And people don’t know what to do.  And I don’t claim to have answers, but I do have some thoughts.

Do not give in to hate or fear.  It does not serve the higher purpose.  Hating Trump and his cronies will not make them go away.  Hating Putin will not make him go away.  Hating terrorists will not make them go away.  At the same time, be clear on your beliefs and values.  Do not stand down, do not get complacent.  Stand strong.

The other day, I listened to an On Being podcast with John Lewis.  Lewis spoke about his protest days, and how the protestors were trained to look people in the eye.  To look arresting officers in the eye.  To look haters in the eye.  To disarm them with human acceptance and compassion.  To, in essence, love them.

I know it seems an oversimplification to ask people to stay strong with love.  But I tell you right here and now that I believe this.  With my whole heart.  It’s the only thing I know to be true.  I must love.

I must love my children and my husband.  My extended family.  The neighbors.  The mailman.  The dentist.  Friends.  The driver who cuts me off in traffic.  The person who is walking down a war-torn street in Syria right this very minute, whose name I do not know, whose face I do not even see.  I must love.

Start there.  You can do that, and I can do that.  You and I can extend compassion to every living soul on this earth.  I’m not saying it’s easy.  But it’s possible.

Here’s what else you can do:
You can write to your representatives and let them know you care about women’s rights/human rights/climate change/religious freedom/LGBTQIA rights/immigrant rights/insert your passion.
You can follow along here.  They’ve got 10 actions planned for the next 100 days.
You can make soup for a sick friend.
You can donate food and clothes to a homeless shelter.
You can attend rallies and marches and town meetings.
You can stay as informed as possible on current affairs.
You can reduce, reuse, recycle.
You can buy a pin.
You can keep a list of gratitudes.
You can look people in the eye.
You can choose love.

Mix and match any of the above, as inspired.
Be true to you.
Stay strong with love.

And if you have more suggestions, please share with us in the comments below.

Sending a little love your way, m





16 thoughts on “Stay with Love

  1. these are troubling times and scary. I am swimming in uncertainty and yet I wake up and the day is gloriously filled with beauty! So I battle my thoughts, and try to stay positive. This was a wonderful non political post of being in the moment and being in action and loving.

  2. So glad you said this and shared it. It is a good reminder to me of the little things we can do every day (that are maybe not so little).

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts without being accusatory, belittling, hateful and condescending. We need kindness and love now more than ever. Your post was refreshing and nonjudgmental, again thank you.

    1. Diva, I appreciate your words so much; it’s good to hear how it has come across. Yes to kindness and love…absolutely more now than ever. I am (we all are) with you…

  4. Michelle, I listened to the same On Being podcast the other day and found it to be so inspiring. Civil Rights was part of my curriculum when teaching fifth grade, it is something I have always been passionate about. As Kelly mentioned above, I also think of writing about the current state of affairs but know I would not be able to state it as eloquently as you. <3 Thank you for the links. I signed donated to the movement and have ordered a pin. Our daughter Mary has both Rob and I wearing safety pins on our coats to indicate that we are accepting of all people no matter what their orientation or religion. I do love how President Trump's election awakened her to the importance of fighting for what she believes in.

    With love all things are possible, right?

    Grace xx

    1. thank you for your kind words regarding what I’ve written. it felt important to me that I say this and share this. thank you for being here and being part of the conversation, and thanks for your mention of wearing safety pins…that’s an action someone else might read and take on. I believe small acts like that can be an entry point for people getting involved. raising awareness is key, believing in small and steady steps is key. and, yes, I too believe that all things are possible with love. keep going with your loving ways, dear Grace…

  5. Oh Michelle, I’m biting my tongue to not get political on my blog but I’d never come across as gentle and as beautiful as you so I don’t.I’m guessing you went through a huge thought process before posting this-I’m glad you did because-We can’t control others feelings and I think your faithful followers will totally stand tall and proud with you today. Xo

    1. in the end, I simply couldn’t let go of the feeling that I needed to write this, share this. if it helps one person, I decided that would be enough. thank you for hearing me, Kelly. and thank you for your big heart.

  6. And love only “offends” in the very best way: by jolting us from a selfish slumber to the recollection that we do not have to agree on politics, worldview, or faith to see the humanity in the eyes of other people, and to remember that as we bear the image of God we also bear the responsibility to care for the sojourner and the refugee.


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