The Waves


In one hundred words or less…

I struggle knowing how to use my energies best.  Always the ongoing parenting role.  Always the meals and cleaning and laundry.  But also.  The camera and pen calling for attention.  Do I sit to write first thing?  Or do I bake the cinnamon rolls on a cold, windy morning?  I don’t have a set rhythm.  Or maybe I do.  A rhythm that rolls in waves.  So that, some days it’s the writing and some days it’s the cinnamon rolls.  Not set in stone, but floating.  The trick is, I think, to pay attention.  Be with the waves.  No matter what.


Sending a little love your way, m


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15 thoughts on “The Waves

  1. “be with the waves” – I need to practice that! I feel ungrounded and off balance all day when I don’t get my 45 minutes of quiet, alone time in the morning. And some mornings, that just isn’t gonna happen. Thank you for helping me think about the “problem” from a different angle!

    1. sweet Mary, that word “practice”…that’s absolutely what it is! not something to master and get right every time…but to practice, to be with…up and down, ebbing and flowing.

      and I desperately need that quiet, alone time in the morning as well, but don’t always get it. riding the waves with you ;)

    1. I actually think it’s completely normal, Kelly! sometimes the waves are rough, but if we can learn to *be* with them instead of fighting them…well, I think that makes a difference. xo

  2. I love this discussion, Michelle. I feel as if I have been in the midst of a giant wave since the new year. I’ve barely blogged, have done only a little painting, I find myself pulling back and reassessing where I am headed. In some ways I’ve become more involved with ‘real’ life, taking on more responsibilities at the non-profit where I volunteer, returning to the watercolor open studio I used to attend and taking up piano. Definitely feeling a shift and unsure where it is leading. Life certainly ebbs and flows, doesn’t it? xx

    1. definitely with you on the pulling back and reassessing. it sounds like you are fully engaging, just in new and different ways…so good to listen to the whispers of one’s heart. sometimes it’s uncomfortable to feel a shift and be unsure of where it’s leading. therein lies deep trust…in process, in the waves, in self.
      keep going… xo

  3. Most recently, the waves have been crashing, tossing me up on the beach and then sweeping me back into the turbulent water. But there has been a settling this last week that gives me hope – because I do love the waves!

    1. I love how you’ve written about being in your waves, Juliann. you are *in it* (i.e., your life)…so good. glad for the settling you’re feeling this week, the hope. xo


  4. you should do everything and nothing. You’re life is so FULL and most of all the parenting is present only for so long so I say, try to focus on you but be ready to drop everything and do something with the kids.

    I promise you there will be oodles and oodles of time as they get older, I’m living it. I love when you write about your creativity and tucking it into your life :)

    1. appreciating this, Karen…and it’s pretty much where I am right now…giving my creative work some focus, but being ready to drop it all to be with the kids. because you’re right about the parenting only being here for so long. as always, I love when you share your experiences; thank you. xo



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