Finding Softness on the Hardwood Floor

Yesterday afternoon, I had a choice.  I could sit at my desk and get some work done. Or I could lay on the floor with my girl.  She was stretched out on the hardwood floor in a patch of sun and she said, “Now I know why K likes to lay here”.  I wanted to be at my desk, wanted to write…because I knew we were heading out in a bit for her ballet class.  But I also wanted to be with her.  So I lay down, right alongside her.  The sun felt so good.  The back door was open (we’re enjoying mild temps before the cold returns this weekend) and a breeze blew over us.  Even on the hardwood floor, there was softness.  The Beatles were playing.  There were corn muffins in the oven for our dinner later that evening.  We talked, giggled, sang.

It was maybe just fifteen minutes, lying like that.  But it was awesome.  I was reminded how good it feels to make a conscious choice.  On another day, the better choice for me might be to sit down at the desk and get work done. But the best choice for me yesterday was to sprawl alongside my girl.  In the sun.  Just like the pup does.

I was reminded of our conversation last week.  Of moving in waves.  This has been on my mind a lot.  Trying to live a life with intention means that I constantly check in with myself.  I don’t have it all figured out, whatever It All is.  As a reader here and, if you’re someone who’s taken any of my classes, you know I understand this as a practice.  An ongoing practice that never really ends.  Some days I get it right.  Some days I totally screw up.  But I keep trying.  I come back to center again and again.  And, sometimes, getting to center is no small feat.  But eventually, I circle back and round and in.

Whether creating art or creating home or creating spreadsheets, we all make choices as we move through our days.  These choices lead us in various directions. But eventually, if we listen and if we pay attention, we circle back.  We come center. We come home.  We sprawl on the hardwood floor and let the late afternoon sun warm our bodies.

Sending a little love your way, m


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14 thoughts on “Finding Softness on the Hardwood Floor

  1. Some days the decisions seem so daunting, yet days like this – it seems that the best decision is to listen to the voice of the child. One thing I know most certainly, the days whose decisions I do not regret at all, were the days I stopped and did something my kids wanted to do. But, you said it best – this is a never ending practice… and every day that is the most comforting thought ever! Happy Friday, Michelle!

    1. yes, Karen, I wonder this too! children are wonderful at it, aren’t they?
      and I agree with you…simply being is very restorative. if we can take moments like that for ourselves, I truly believe it aids us in our other, more stressful, doings. it’s win-win ;)

  2. Love your post today and that you found a way to be in this perfect moment! My children are all grown and if I could ever go back it would be for these moments! I am very conscious about choosing these moments when I am with my grandchildren, time is fleeting!

    1. loooove hearing that you choose moments like this with your grandchildren. how lucky they are to have you! and I bet you had plenty of good ones with your children as well. xo

  3. I love the idea that we are all works in progress. and that every day provides a fresh opportunity to choose what we do. Happy Friday!

  4. I am practicing this being in the moment, paying attention, learning not to rush. I still have much practicing to do. Grateful for your reminders.

  5. Kaimana now gets a homemade, healthy-for-him yogurt button every time he successfully uses the toilet.

    You are my yogurt button for every time I stop to pause and just breathe! I have way more work to do or play to do on the practice itself but if there’s any chance of mindfulness through osmosis, you are my flotation device. All that tea and calm and observance, massages my soul. Mahalo for always showing up.

    One friend from afar, Jamie

    1. ah, Jamie. mahalo to you. for all the tea and calm and observance there are other parts messy and chaotic. again…practice. thank you for being here, for being there…in your life. I really do love to think about all of us working on/playing with this practice at the same time. we’re spread across the globe…but the common intentions…powerful and true.


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