An Interview + A Giveaway {Deb Taylor}

Today we continue our monthly interview series. A series in which I hope to introduce you to some very special people…individuals who work equally hard at their craft and at living an intentional life. Someone new each month, sharing thoughts on creativity and discussing current work dear to his/her heart. Each individual who joins us will also generously offer some sort of giveaway. It could be a handmade item, a spot in a workshop, a collection of stones or crystals…anything that’s connected to the feature artist’s work and life. Their gift to you is of their choosing. This series will, I hope, create space to explore what creativity looks like to different people; I hope it will also create space to spread a little love through the gifts of our guests.

Today, Deb Taylor joins us.  I think Deb might be one of the first people I got to know on Instagram.  I can’t recall exactly when we connected, but I’m so glad we did.  She’s soulful and playful; she’s a whirlwind and a whisper.  It seems she’s always got her fingers and toes dipped into something.  When you read our conversation, you’ll see what I mean.  She’s talented and super creative and has a really big heart.  I’m so happy to have her here with us today.  Are you ready?  Here we go…

What does creativity mean to you?

It means like breathing.  For me it is necessary in my daily life.  Whether I shoot a random photograph to share on social media or decide which warm beverage to sip in the morning.  The anticipation to cook a colorful meal with exotic ingredients.  I want to create something beautiful every single day.  We have so many opportunities during our day to be creative.  It does not require art materials or much time.  It can simply be the way you slice bananas into your cereal with a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Sipping something special from a beautiful vessel.  Or maybe wearing some funky socks or mismatched earrings.

Come on, these things are free and simple and do-able.  I think you will find a smile on your face.  And also inspire others around you.  For example, I streak my hair often with purple and pink.  The smiles and comments I receive from random folks I pass by daily remind me that we are all seeking simple joys and happy moments.  And color!!

Your creative work includes many different media.  What are your favorites and what are you working on/with now?  Tell us about your creative work!

Needle.  Thread.  Fabric.
I stray away from sewing on occasion to play with paints and paper.
Maybe some beads, basketry or stained glass.
But I always return to fibers.  Weaving, slow stitching, visible mending, eco dyeing. Currently I am experimentally with natural dyes such as floral, vegetable and plant matter.
These days I am obsessed with repurposing and salvaging clothing with visible mending.  I am also studying the Japanese art of Sashiko stitching.

Do you have any rituals surrounding your creative work?

Yes.  When I begin a new project, I smudge my area with white sage.  I burn away the old, and call in the new.  Often I will place my materials outdoors during the Full Moon to charge them with new energy.  My work is sacred, so I honor the materials I am working with.

Are there particular relationships in your life (to people, to nature perhaps) that inspire you to create?

When I collaborate with another artist, it always raises the bar of my own creativity.  I often get stuck in my own ideas, but when I create with other artists, I become infused with their energy, which is extremely contagious!
Recently the photography workshops I participate with online have completely altered the way I make photographs. My story telling has become richer and deeper with every photo I make.  I am so grateful for my online community.

You have a new online workshop coming up.  Will you tell us about that?

Miss Mash {To Dye For} is my third online workshop.  I will be teaching various techniques to dye fabrics with kitchen scraps, botanical bundles and rusty objects.  I will offer videos and tutorials for small fabric projects using the fibers we will dye together.  I will hold space in a private Facebook group for sharing, support and developing new friendships.

And now some lighter questions…

What did you eat for breakfast?

one avocado, two slices of tomato, black beans and ginger slaw

Do you have a favorite day of the week?

no.  I prefer every day to be my favorite.

What was your favorite thing you did last week?

I was home alone for 4 days.  I created intensely every single day, without interruption, all day, every day.  I was in my zone!

What music are you digging lately?

Snatum Kaur

If you close your eyes right now, what word comes to mind?


And now for the giveaway!!!


Deb is generously giving away one spot in her upcoming workshop, which will run April 17-21.  In her words:
Mish Mash { To Dye For } is my online workshop based on eco-dyeing fabric techniques, videos and tutorials for small patchwork stitched projects.
My approach to teaching is very playful, relaxed and casual.
It’s even great for kiddos and weekend projects.
Supplies are common household items.
I will host a private Facebook group for sharing, support and a sweet space to meet new friends !

To enter the giveaway, here’s what you need to do:
Leave a comment below. Maybe tell us what colors you see in your world today. Or maybe just say hello. Whatever you like.

Comments will close at midnight PST on Monday, March 20 , 2017. The randomly-selected winner will be announced here in this post on Tuesday, March 21.  Comments are now closed.

And the randomly-selected winner is…Angela Vular! Angela, an email is coming your way shortly. Thank you to everyone who played along and shared colorful bits in the comments.

And…Thank you, Deb, for being here with us.

Sending a little love your way, m


Deb is a photographer, blogger, fiber artist and home-cook vegetarian living in sunny Florida.
She’s also a sun-worshipping red-wine lover, peace-seeking full-moon dancer and beach-combing daytime dreamer.

Here’s where you can find Deb:


22 thoughts on “An Interview + A Giveaway {Deb Taylor}

  1. I would love to win a spot on Debs’s new workshop! I’ve done previous MishMash workshops and they’ve been so much fun!

  2. Color me HAPPY !!! What a fun time to sit and chat with you Michelle, and now to read all these supportive and colorful comments !! Thank you for this special space

  3. I wrote a pretty long comment here about how I LOVED Mish Mash and other creative projects Deb has done. I do not see my comment tho…The colors of nature are calling me..I am loving this weather and all things outdoors. Would LOVE to win!

  4. Oh! I almost missed the deadline! A bit hectic around here but I wanted to enter because I just met Deb and I would LOVE a chance to join her class. She’s amazing and inspiring. I loved this interview Michelle! Love to you both. X (greenmountainmomma)

  5. I have done Mish Mash (as well as other projects) with Deb before and have loved it every time-I hope to be there this time. I have a friend here form Texas that very same week so I need to see if this is possible. I am loving the weather right now and all those things outside…would love to incorporate nature’s colors into fabric

  6. Michelle, another great interview! Like you, I first got to know Deb from Instagram. If I recall correctly, we were both doing the same photography challenge and I fell in love with her work. Deb, your self-portraits are so courageous and gorgeous! What a lovely giveaway, I’ve been enjoying seeing your progress on instagram. My colors today are muted grays and blues, reflecting the quiet contemplative mood I am in. xx

  7. Such a joy! Dye-stained hands, sandy feet, lets-be-real stitching, heres-my-soul-in-b&w-photographs… I love everything about this post, this interview, these photographs, getting to know you both as artists. Thank you!

  8. My world if filled with the colors of northern Italy (as this is currently where I am). Colors similar to paprika, cumin, turmeric and basil. Michelle thanks for sharing the interview and Deb, you are a doll to give away a spot.

  9. Since returning from the sacred places of our National Parks, my world has been inhabited by warm grey blues and swaying in the wind fields of soft buttercup cream. What a wonderful world this is..

  10. what a special lunchtime treat to spend it with the two of you! sitting with you just made my day especially bright…yellow to be exact! thanks for sharing all of this goodness…happy friday+weekend to you both! xoxo,lori

  11. Loved reading this interview, Michelle and Deb! Always inspired by both of you and your work. I’ve purchased two hand-sewn pieces from Deb from her Etsy shop in the past – an apron, and a cover (for iPad or book), and I cherish them both. I barely know how to sew on a button well! Working with fabric is something I’ve always admired as my grandma was a weaver and my mom studies textiles. Love, love to you both and thank you for how you share and inspire!

  12. I adore Deb! She is a dear dear soul friend of mine and I love her energy and creative, playful spirit so much! Thanks for sharing her goodness here !

  13. Hi Deb!! I was so excited to see your name as the guest here today! You are a constant source of beauty and inspiration and we share a few sacred common binds…our sons in uniform and our sweetest, littlest humans otherwise known as grandbabies! Thank you for sharing today Deb and thanks Michelle for guesting Deb!

  14. Hello. What a great way to start my day! This interview has inspired me to “enjoy” the cold, brisk morning air as I head out to work today.

  15. Hello… my world right now is pearly gray, a cocoon of moon brightened fog on this almost spring night. Thanks for asking.

    1. I love how wherever Deb goes….she takes her heart with her. We could all benefit from doing more of that. If there is a spot to do just that, I would be more than honored.


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