I Call It Amazing

I love when a message appears at the perfect moment.

Case in point…
I was having trouble with my camera the last few days.  Focusing was impossible unless I used my LCD panel (which I don’t generally like to use) (I prefer the EVF).  So, super frustrating.  I fiddled with settings and knobs.  Nothing.  I googled, to no avail.  I posted in an online Fuji forum. Nothing.  (if LCD and EVF mean nothing to you, don’t worry) (read on).

And then…yesterday morning I had an email from a private Facebook group. Now, I’m one of the few remaining people on this planet not to use Facebook. If I’m there, it’s basically for a private group.  I find the space noisy and overwhelming, so I stay away.  But the email I got yesterday was a notification from one of the groups to which I belong.

And guess what?  It’s a group that focuses (ha!  pun not intended, but I’ll keep it) on mirrorless cameras.

Seriously?  (the camera I was struggling with is mirrorless!)

I immediately clicked over to the group and explained my problem.  And, even though I haven’t posted in that group since I first joined (which was when??), I had responses almost immediately.  And my problem was fixed.


I’d forgotten about this gem of a group because I’m just not on Facebook.  And this isn’t a pitch for Facebook (I still don’t like it) (though I do see its strengths) (um…very nice people answered my question quickly).  It’s really a story about messages coming at exactly the right moment.

In this case, it was a literal message in my inbox, which reminded me of this particular Facebook group.  This group that could – and did – help me. Coincidence that the notice showed up in my inbox yesterday?  I think not.

Call it divine intervention.  Call it synchronicity.  Call it whatever you like.  I call it amazing.  My message was perfectly timed and exactly what I needed.

Uncanny.  Not uncanny.

When we’re open, when we’re in a state of flow, when we listen…the messages appear.  I think the messages are often (always?) there, regardless of openness or flow…it’s a question of whether or not we’re listening.

And so my question to you (and to me) is:  are you listening?

sending a little love your way, m

18 thoughts on “I Call It Amazing

  1. What a happy day – I love things like that also! I’m actually tracking them this year in a journal – all those little synchronicities that happen just to remind myself that there is magic out there!! xo

  2. Oh I love it when the portals are open, Michelle! Mine have been so clogged lately, LOL! I totally believe in messages being heard when one is listening with an open heart. Like you, I shy away from Facebook. I have an account which I have been thinking about closing because I dislike it so much. It is only because of the private Facebook groups that I end up on that I keep it open. Technology is a blessing and a curse, don’t you think? xx

    1. it’s a good feeling for sure! I bet yours will open up soon…maybe the messages are moving in waves.

      same as me…FB because of private groups.
      technology is definitely a blessing and a curse. at least for me, there are lots of lessons in learning to balance it all. xo

  3. I’m not in the least bit surprised. It’s like when you think of someone you haven’t seen or heard from in awhile, and they call or show up. Sometimes we just need to ask for what we need…and it will show up.

  4. I have been quite distracted lately and yesterday I got a wake up call in the form of a nasty fall. After a day of stitches and ordering new glasses and having to let others take care of me, I have a new mind set this morning. Pause, slow down, pay attention, stop trying to multi-task. I am trying to listen.

    1. Juliann, I’m so sorry for your fall and what ensued. hoping you heal quickly. and I do think the universe sends us messages like this…sometimes uncomfortable ones…a wake-up call, as you said, a little reminder. yes, time to slow down a bit.

      sometimes it’s hard to listen, isn’t it? xo

  5. Yes lovely you I’m open and listening x I switched off the Facebook thing in October. Think I posted a new year wish and love the clarity without it.

    Equally I find your just five lists come at just the point when there are changes afoot which may need recognising or some deeper acknowledgement and how perfect is spring for that? Totally perfect.

    Thank you for including me and once a few have introduced I’ll log on and say hello. I’m home now and taking antibiotics to calm and clear infection in my horrid gallbladder then I’m on waiting lists but it’s expected to flare up again. Diet of veg, brown rice, brown bread & fruit. I’d eat your arm off for a bowl of mac n cheese! ;)

    Glad you can use your camera again! How cool!

    Love to you xxx

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. so glad class is coming at a good time for you, Emma! (it is for me too :)

      and so sorry about your infection…hope the antibiotics and restricted diet do the trick! xo


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