Who Knew a Duster Could Be So Pretty?


Sometimes I’m inspired when I think about showing up.  Other times, it feels like such a drag.  But it’s the way to go.  The only way, really.

Whether it’s commuting to the office or stepping into the studio, we make a choice. We make a choice to walk the (literal) steps which take us to the car, the bus, the train.  We make a choice to walk the (literal) steps which take us into the studio, the kitchen, the laundry room.  And then…we do our thing.

If we make a choice not to show up (literally or metaphorically) (because once we’re physically somewhere, if we’re not there mentally, it’s a very different energy), that’s still a choice.  And we might need a mental health day every now and then…hell yes, I’m all for that.  In that case, make the choice not to show up to work.  Make the choice not to paint. Make the choice not to cook dinner.  But it’s a still a choice.  It’s just a choice in a different direction.  It’s simply a choice to do other.

And, so really, you’re still showing up.  Which is kind of cool.  The trick (if there is a trick) is to be intentional in the choice-making.  Be considerate, thoughtful, deliberate.  And, once you make a choice, embrace it and live it.  Fully.

Go to work, even when you’re tired and the commute is hellish…and do your best job while there.  Get into the studio (be it an actual studio or the kitchen table), even when you’re tired and the steps to your drawing table feel so many…and do your best job.  Get the dirty clothes into the washing machine, even when you’re tired and you’re sure you will go insane with yet another load of laundry…and do your best job.

For me, the dusting was a hurdle choice this week.  Show up and get it done. Make a pretty picture of the duster somewhere along the line; keep going.  Choices made.

And if it all starts feeling like Too Much, consider your options.  Can you take a day off from work?  Can you make some photographs today, instead of painting?  Can you slather some peanut butter and jelly on bread and call it a meal?  Can you show up in a different way?

Yes, you can.  You really, really can.  Make the choice.  Then show up for that choice.

sending a little love your way, m


7 thoughts on “Who Knew a Duster Could Be So Pretty?

    1. I’d love that!!! and, believe it or not, I don’t mind doing bathrooms…so, of course we’d move over to your house next to continue the chatting and swapping of chores ;)
      how perfect.

    1. I’m so glad, Kym. it feels good to know when I write something that resonates for others. and, really, when I write things like this, they’re a reminder for me too!! #initwithyou


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