Unexpected Joy

Decluttering – and simplifying, in general – are hot topics right now.  With good reason and, for the record, I’m all for it.  Utilizing the KonMari method (this book, which I haven’t read) (and this one, which I have), Marie Kondo writes about letting go of things we no longer need, and goes into detail on how to organize what remains. Yes, and good.  The part I especially liked was when she talked about keeping the things that spark joy.  I didn’t like that part because I’m looking for an excuse to keep things, but because I believe things are not always black and white. Sometimes there isn’t a clear-cut answer for something’s (or someone’s) value.  It just is because it is.

Case in point:  my old, green shorts.  They’re 10+ years old and aren’t anything special; I bought them because they were cotton and they were inexpensive. They’re now frayed at the edges (I’ve trimmed the fraying threads numerous times) and the rips in the fabric are so big that the shorts are unwearable.  It seems an easy decision when cleaning out my closet.  They’ve served me well, but it’s time for them to go.

Except…they bring me joy.  I can’t explain why, but they do.  I have the same pair of shorts in khaki and dark brown; they’re shabby too.  But I don’t love them the way I love these green ones.  Maybe I’ll cut the khaki and dark brown shorts into scraps and do something creative with them (or not). But I can’t bear to cut up these green ones.  For some reason, I love them.  A lot. They spark joy for me.

So I’ve gathered needle and embroidery thread and pins and ratty shorts, and plan to do a little mending.  These shorts won’t be worn for anything other than yard work or hikes, but they’ll have a second life once I spiffy them up with some stitching.  Maybe a little sashiko is in order?  Yes, I think so.

A pair of old, frayed, ripped shorts might seem silly when considering joy. But here I am…talking shorts and joy.  I don’t know why I love them as much as I do.  All I know is that they bring me joy.  So I’m keeping them.  A few stitches (functional and decorative) and they’ll be as good as new…maybe better.

Score one in the joy department.

Sending a little love your way, m



18 thoughts on “Unexpected Joy

  1. I haven’t read either of the books, though have heard a lot about the approach, and I do like the idea of keeping the joyful things. Shorts can be just as joyful as anything else, and I sometimes think things that have been fixed and mended, and that you have had a hand in creating, or at least at keeping them going, have much more meaning than something shiny and new! x

  2. Yep…sometimes joy can be explained…laughing babies, for instance. And, sometimes we just have to be joyful. Sew away, Michelle!

  3. I feel you Michelle…totally! I have a jacket that has been mended countless times, but it holds so many happy memories I refuse to get rid of it.

    So glad you can continue wearing your joyful shorts! 😊 xx

    I love Connie’s idea too, how wonderful! 💞

  4. I love that feeling! I have a few items that I just can’t bear to part with and I just keep listening to my heart. So glad your shorts will continue to bring you joy! xx

  5. Why not make a cushion out of them? Fix up the rips & holes, the stitch together the leg openings, put a pillow form or stuffing into them and sew up the top. You can lean against it on your favourite chair or on your bed…porch swing?

    I did this with a favourite shirt of my dad’s. He as been gone for over 35 years now and I still like to hug it sometimes…

    Just a thought…

    Hugs…Connie xoxox


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