Dear Thursday

Dear Thursday,

Thank you for tea.  Thank you for time to hang with my kids.  Thank you for chocolate chip cookies. Thank you for time to plant our garden. Thank you for the tenderness with which my daughter tucked her strawberry plant and Irish moss into the soil. Thank you for not raining till evening.  Thank you for sandwiches for dinner. Thank you for a hot shower before climbing into bed with a good book.  Thank you for our library.  Thank you for starting out like any other day but then turning into the day that you were. Thank you, Thursday, for being kinda spectacular.


What was your Thursday like?  Share in the comments below (because we’d love to hear) or jot down your memories in a journal or notebook.  Sometimes it’s nice to look back as we begin to move forward.

Sending a little love your way, m



8 thoughts on “Dear Thursday

  1. your blog, your words, are a breath of life to me. I am on a quest to return to blogging and the connection I felt, that sustained me and brought me forward. I’m returning to my words now and relaunching my blog next week.

    Today is not Thursday but tomorrow is and I’ll be leaving for a few days away with my love. What is the opposite of being squeezed … released? It will feel like being released.

  2. dear yesterday,

    thank you for the gentle rain and the beautiful day before the rain began. Thank you for some low key time with my husband and oodles of knitting time.

  3. Dear Yesterday,

    Thank you for an evening in the city with dear friends. Thank you for the laughter, the silliness, the sharing and the bonding. Thank you for the opportunity to see two of my Broadway idols together on one stage. Thank you for the easy ride home, with little traffic. And thank you for giving me a husband who encourages me to do what I love. xx

  4. Thank you yesterday for fresh chicken and duck eggs, for a daughter who came home from working in Chicago. She was going to leave again to join her brother for the weekend and decided she wanted to stay home and rest and work here. She’ll be leaving soon enough to return to Austin. Thank you yesterday for a healing massage and the nap that followed. Thank you yesterday for the handmade cards I made for several friends. Thank you yesterday for the turkeys in the backyard. Thank you yesterday for the love shared with family.


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